Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do I register for DSEI?

Visitor registration is now open. Please ensure to have your photo and form of ID ready as all registrants will be asked to upload it as part of the verification process.


What are accepted forms of ID?

All identification needs to be Government issued and in date. For example, Passport, Driving licence, national ID Cards, Military or Government agency ID.

How do I get my badge?

Please log out of the page via the top right-hand corner, on the login page select 'Resend registration code' and fill out your details. Your badge will be sent to you via, you must print your badge before you arrive. If you arrive onsite without a printed badge, you will need to access the event via ExCel East - Prince Regent DLR station. 

What is my registration code, and where can I find it?        

Your registration code is available on your confirmation and approval email, you can also track your registration via the visitor portal. Please visit 

What are the exhibition timings for DSEI?

The boulevard will be open to visitors from 0800, however, the doors for DSEI will not open until 0930 - Tuesday 12 September to Friday 15 September 2023. 

The exhibition opening times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 0930 - 1700, and Friday from 0930 - 1600.

Is there Wifi?

At ExCeL there is free, fast WiFi which is suitable for browsing, social media, and email. When you arrive at the venue, you just need to sign in to '_ExCeL FREE Wi-Fi' using their standard log in, or via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Can I have a copy of the floor plan?

The full floor plan is available in the event guide and the DSEI Connect App.

Where is the first aid point?

You can approach any of the ExCeL team who can help you with a medical emergency, or go to level 0 on the boulevard and down the stairs by N4/S4.

Which entrance should I use to enter DSEI?

If you have a printed PDF badge, you can access the event through the west entrance, accessible via Custom House Station or the Elizabeth Line.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot access the event through the West Entrance without your printed PDF badge. If you arrive onsite without a printed badge, you must access the show via the East Entrance, accessible through the DLR station - Prince Regent. Your confirmation email does not qualify as a PDF badge.

WEST ENTRANCE: Printed Badge Holders Only.

PLEASE NOTE: Printed badge holders only. Individuals must have a printed badge. (Colour printed is advised). Neither an approval email, nor a badge on a smartphone, count as a badge. Individuals that try to enter via the West Entrance without a badge will be turned away and asked to go to the East Entrance via the DLR.

EAST ENTRANCE: Badge Print, Upgrade, Queries and Printed Badge Holders

PLEASE NOTE: If an individual holds a pending email, they are not able to enter DSEI. You can check your status in the visitor portal under My Registration Status. 

UPGRADES: Individuals wanting to upgrade to MeetMe products will be able to do so on the visitor portal, the East Entrance or at the lounges themselves.

My status is awaiting verification, when will I be approved?

The verification process is not instant, you will need to await an approval email before arriving onsite. Verification can take up to 5 hours during show open, please contact if you have been waiting longer than 5 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you add to your safe senders list and check your spam/junk folder.

Where do I find information about receptions before or during the event?

Information regarding receptions before and during DSEI will be available on the DSEI Connect app two weeks prior to the show.

Are there meeting spaces available?

All meeting spaces are reserved for MeetMe PRO participants. MeetMe Lounges are in Halls 1 - 4, Meet Me Lounge 1, and Halls 5 - 8, Meet Me Lounge 2.

When will I be able to view the exhibitor list?

The exhibitor list is available on the DSEI Connect app and on the DSEI website.

How can I obtain a visa invitation letter?

A visa invitation letter can be obtained via your confirmation email once your registration has been approved.

What are the dates for DSEI 2025?

DSEI 2025 is schedule to take place 9-12 September 2025

Travel & Amenities

Is there a charge for disabled parking?


How can I request access for disabled parking?

Please navigate to the following link to book your disabled parking space for the show: click here

Once you have selected the days you will require parking and inserted your registration number, this will take you through to the payment stage and at the bottom you can insert a note. In this box, please specify that you require a disabled space and the venue will accommodate this for you.

Please note, you will need your approved DSEI badge in order to enter the car park, along with the email confirmation that your car park booking has been approved.

If you have any questions or need to make any amends, please contact the venue directly at and quote your order number.

What disabled aids do you provide?

ExCeL are able to provide mobility scooters onsite at the event free of charge. They are subject to availability so please email your enquiry to and they will confirm if there is one available for you to borrow. A form of ID (such as a driving licence, a passport, etc.) will be held as surety for the daily period of the loan.

Is there a disabled access?

All public entrances allow for access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps and an automatic door. Once inside the venue, all floors are level, offering unobstructed access. Additionally, ExCeL are able to provide mobility scooters onsite at the event free of charge if you would require the use of this. They are subject to availability so please email your enquiry to and they will confirm if there is one available for you to borrow.

Where are the changing rooms located?

There will be cloakrooms available for delegates, exhibitors, and contractors, located on level 0 (down the stairs, in between hall entrances N4 & S4) and at the east end of the venue on level 0. ICC Capital Suite and the Platinum Suite have their own cloakrooms.

Are there any cash machines?

There are two Note ATMs near the west entrance of the venue by Costa and Orzo Deli, and another Note ATM in the centre of the boulevard between entrances S6 and N6. There are a Barclays and a Note ATM located on level 0 between N4 and S4.

Should the in-venue ATMs run out of cash, there is also an ATM nearby at the Tesco Express.

Are there any prayer rooms?

The prayer room can be accessed through the grey door next to the S9 entrance on the boulevard.

Where can I claim my lost property?

If you think you've lost something at ExCeL London, please complete the form at

Can I charge my phone at the venue, and how much does it cost?

There are power bank rental units spread throughout the boulevard (next to Venue Services and at hall entrances N4, N7 and S9). 

You can rent a power bank for just £2.00 for the first hour and then it's capped at £4.00 per day. Return the power bank to any Joos unit in London. You also have the option to purchase a power bank outright for £30.00. 

Payment options: 

Pay through the Joos app

Use the contactless card terminal on the side of the unit

For more information, visit the Joos customer page And don't worry, you won't be held liable for any damage or losses to our Joos products (stations of power banks). Joos have you covered with full public liability.

Will there be onsite parking for visitors?

It is advised that event attendees travel to ExCeL London on the TfL Network (Tube, Elizabeth Line, London Overground, DLR etc.).

Event attendees that do not live in London are advised to use drive and park at outer London station car parks and complete their journey to ExCeL on TfL services. Advisable parking locations in the north, east, south and west London are detailed overleaf.

If you are unable to utilise a park and rail service in outer London then alternative car parks within inner London can be found at Westfield Stratford, Stratford International NCP, Canary Wharf and The O2

Users of these facilities can travel to ExCeL London by using TfL services, namely the Jubilee Line and Docklands Light Railway.

A guide to train times can be found here.

What are the options for eating and drinking onsite?

ExCeL London has over 40 onsite cafés, bars and restaurants, including numerous concessions within the venue itself. There are restaurants with table-service for more formal dining as well as grab and go option. For further information visit ExCel's food and drink page.

There are four water refill stations located by the East and West Entrances as well as by the halls S4 and S7.

Where are the amenities within the ExCeL centre?

ExCeL Amenities

Will there be shuttle buses available?

DSEI will be operating shuttle buses during the event, the timetable for this and the location of these buses can be found here.


When can I register?

Registration is now live!

You must register online before August 18th 2023 in order for your badge to be sent to you via email. You can still register online after August 18th, however, your application will be approved onsite and there are likely to be long wait queues. It is advised that you do not come onsite until you have a received your approval email.

What are the key deadlines for visitor registration?

Please see below key dates for visitor registration.

  • Visitor registration opens w/c 15th May 2023
  • Visitor registration closes 18th August 2023
  • Badges will be received in PDF from August 29th 2023

You can still register online after August 18th, however, your application will be approved onsite and there are likely to be long queues – it is advised that you do not come onsite until you have received your approval email with your PDF badge. You will then need to access the venue via Prince Regent DLR station to print your badge.

How can I check my registration status?

You can check your registration status via our Visitor Portal. You will need your last name and your registration code which can found on your confirmation email.


When will I receive my visitor badge?

PDF visitor badges will be sent to you via email w/c August 28th 2023.

DSEI Connect & MeetMe

What is DSEI Connect used for at DSEI 2023?

At DSEI 2023, DSEI Connect provides access to all content, live streamed keynotes, product demonstrations, thought leadership presentations, and analysis as well as the ability to add all content to your schedule and plan your time at the event. There are two Channels within DSEI Connect - Channel One for live keynotes and Channel Two for live demonstrations from exhibitors, military and industry. Senior high-level analysis of the keynote sessions and their impact and opportunities they will provide the wider industry will be broadcasted live from the DSEI Connect Studio on the DSEI show floor. These channels will be streamed live on DSEI Connect to all 35,000 in-person attendees as well as an international online audience. All DSEI 2023 attendees will be given a two-year DSEI Connect Club Membership to enjoy all recorded sessions from DSEI 2023 on-demand as well as future DSEI Connect content released 365 days a year.

DSEI Connect is free and available to all DSEI attendees. 

What is the DSEI Connect Content Hub?

The DSEI Connect Content Hub will be launched after DSEI 2023 and will be available to all attendees for 2 years after the event. 

The DSEI Connect Content Hub offers a range of live and on-demand discussion forums and insight pieces that cover the latest operational requirements of the global armed forces and connects the industry across a variety of insightful content. The UK MoD works with the DSEI team to identify key future challenges for the defence and security sector. 

All DSEI Connect Club Members have access to the entire on-demand content library, including all streamed content from DSEI at ExCeL, London. We will be sending an email notification to all DSEI attendees once the platform is live.

Will we be able to access the slides/recordings after the show?

The video from every session will be available on DSEI Connect two weeks after the show, including all the keynote speakers and TV sessions. We will share any slides that the speakers give us permission to share.

How do I log onto DSEI Connect?

You can download the DSEI Connect app from your app store. You will need your badge number and the email address you registered with. If you need any assistance, please visit the DSEI Information Desks on the main boulevard. Located outside Hall 7, Entrance C and Hall 4, Entrance B.

Who is MeetMe for?

MeetMe is specifically designed for two main groups of attendees at DSEI:

  • Buyers: These are professionals who are looking for suppliers with products, services, or solutions that can address their needs or challenges. Buyers could be procurement officers, project managers, or other decision-makers with purchasing power.
  • Suppliers: These are companies or individuals offering products, services, or solutions in the defence industry. They are looking for buyers who are in need of what they have to offer.

MeetMe acts as a bridge between these two groups, facilitating meaningful connections and productive conversations.

How much does MeetMe cost and what do the packages include?

MeetMe Pro: £595

  • Access to dedicated MeetMe lounges on the show floor for meetings
  • Book up to 50 meetings online or in-person
  • Access to the DSEI attendee list
  • Connect, message and meet with DSEI attendees online or in-person
  • Access to MeetMe four weeks before DSEI
  • Two-year subscription to DSEI Connect as a DSEI Connect Club Member

MeetMe Basic: £295

  • Book up to 5 online or in-person meetings
  • Access to the DSEI attendee list
  • Connect, message and meet with DSEI attendees online
  • Access to MeetMe two weeks before DSEI
  • Two-year subscription to DSEI Connect as a DSEI Connect Club Member

How do I purchase MeetMe?


Upon registration for DSEI 2023, you will be assessed and verified, which will include if you qualify to receive access to the MeetMe networking packages. If you would like to enquire about purchasing a MeetMe package then please contact


Upon booking your stand for DSEI 2023, you will be allocated MeetMe profiles based on the size of your stand. If you would like to enquire about purchasing more MeetMe packages then please contact

I want to attend DSEI 2023 online - can I still purchase a MeetMe package?

If you are unable to attend DSEI 2023 in person then you can still view and network with attendees online through MeetMe if you qualify.

What is included in the MeetMe packages

How does MeetMe improve the DSEI networking experience?

MeetMe is an exclusive opportunity for those who qualify to enhance your experience at DSEI and ensure that you can maximise your opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. 

MeetMe provides the opportunity to: 

  • Connect with potential partners before, during, and after the event. 
  • Schedule meetings efficiently with an integrated calendar. 
  • Gain early access to the attendee list to strategise your networking. 
  • Keep track of connections, notes, and follow-ups in one place. 
  • Maximise your time at DSEI by planning ahead.

Can I upgrade to Meet Me as an observer?

MeetMe is specially set up to aid business connections between those that have a direct or influencing role in the purchasing of equipment with those that have a direct role in the selling of defence equipment. This information is gained from the answers in your registration which uses your job function, job title and your objectives of coming to DSEI. In this instance, it has been deemed that you don't fit the criteria to take part in MeetMe. However, you will have access to DSEI Connect where you can watch the live-streamed content from the show from your laptop or mobile.

How do I access MeetMe?

MeetMe will be available within DSEI Connect to all who have purchased a Basic or Pro MeetMe package.

Can I make my email and phone number visible on Meet Me?

Unfortunately, you cannot make your email address or phone number visible on the DSEI Connect App. To exchange contact details with participants, you will need to connect and exchange your information privately. 

This measure is in place to prevent unsolicited messages while giving you control over who has access to your contact details.

When will I be able to access MetMe?

MeetMe is now Live. You have been sent an email with your username and temporary password where you can activate your account in the platform and then start to plan your activity for the show as well as add specific content to the agenda. Please check your inbox for an email from and be sure to check your spam/junk mail, just in case.

Why am I being offered Meet Me?

Our registration process has different price entry points for DSEI dependent upon the type of badge type you will receive.

As an industry seller who is not exhibiting the cost to come to DSEI is £295. This cost includes your verification and entry to the show.

MeetMe is an added benefit to your DSEI experience as we have noted that you are coming to the show to engage with existing clients or to network and meet new clients.

You have the opportunity to utilise our MeetMe platform which will allow you to connect with and organize meetings in advance of the show allowing you to make the most of your time at DSEI.

What is the DSEI Connect Content Hub and how do I access it?

The DSEI Connect Hub is our online, on demand content platform launching at the end of September, it will showcase all the content form DSEI including our Military Keynotes sessions and industry led panel discussions. In addition, it will host new topical content relevant to the defence industry between DSEI 2023 and our next edition of DSEI 2025. We will be sending an email notification to all DSEI attendees once the platform is live at the end of September 2023.

If you did not register to attend DSEI 2023, you will be able to register to gain access to DSEI Connect Hub once the platform is live.


What is the overarching theme of DSEI 2023?

The overarching theme for DSEI 2023 is achieving an integrated force. Find out more information on what that means for you and the content shaping the show.

Where can I book for a ship visit?

You will be able to book the ship visit on-site at the concierge desks on the Boulevard.

How can I get in touch with a speaker?

We can’t give out any contact details of speakers, but you can use the MeetMe feature on DSEI Connect to reach out to them yourself.

Why isn’t the agenda accurate in the show guide?

Printing lead times require that the show materials are submitted to our printers a week before the show opens, and a lot can change in that time. There are QR codes included in the show guide and on the individual forum agenda boards which take you to the website agenda, which we endeavour to keep as accurate as possible at all times.

What is the location of the Clarion stand?

The Clarion stand is located outside S10 above the restaurant.

What is Defence Engage?

Defence Engage is a member-only marketplace network, super-charging supplier discoverability and connectivity in the Defence supply chain.

Primes can tap into our SME community to increase innovation and supplier diversification. Suppliers, whether established in defence or not, this is the chance to get in front of the most influential people in the solution selection and procurement process.

Will there be waterborne demonstrations at DSEI 2023?

We have decided not to run DSEI Waterborne Demonstrations in 2023. Due to the expansion of phase 3 development and limited space alongside the dock edge. This decision was not taken lightly. Rest assured the Waterborne Demonstrations will return in 2025.

I would like to submit a poster presentation for the ICSPP, who do I need to contact?

If you would like to submit a poster presentation or for confirmation of your abstract submission for ICSPP, please contact the committee directly via


What are the key deadlines for exhibitor registration?

Please see below key dates for exhibitor registration...

  • Exhibitor registration will be live w/c 24th April 2023
  • Contractor Registration will be live 24th April 2023
  • Exhibitor registration closes 18th August 2023
  • Contractor registration closes 18th August 2023

You can still register online after August 18th, however, your application will be approved onsite and there are likely to be long wait queues.


Are there printers on site for exhibitor use?

Printing will be available at our concierge desk and information point - located outside Hall 7 - Entrance C and Hall 4, Entrance B.

I am trying to access EZONE for the first time, how do I do so?

An email containing a link that can be used to access EZONE has been sent out to your main stand POC from


If you are not the main poc, your main stand POC can grant you access under the "Manage EZONE contacts" tab.

Where do I find my stand number?

The stand number can be found on your EZONE profile, it is also available to view on your contract. If you believe you stand number is incorrect, please reach out to the customer service team via

Will there be an official Show Daily for DSEI 2023?

Defense News is the Official Show Daily partner for DSEI 2023

Please contact for advertising opportunities in the Show Daily.

Who is my account manager?

Please contact our customer solutions team on and the team will be able to connect you with your account manager.

How many Meet Me badge's am I entitled to?

Up to 30sqm = 2 profiles

31sqm-50sqm = 5 profiles

51sqm-100sqm = 10 profiles

100sqm + = 15 profiles

How do I obtain a visa invitation letter?

A visa invitation letter can be obtained via EZONE once your registration has been approved.

How do I update my profile information on the website?

You can submit your profile information on EZONE, under the 'My Profile Section'. The information provided here will be visible on both the website and the event guide.

How do I check how many exhibitor badges I have left?

To check your remaining exhibitor badge allocation, please visit the registration portal via EZONE.

When will I receive my exhibitor badges?

PDF Exhibitor badges will be sent to you via email w/c August 21st. Your main stand POC will also be able to download your badge via EZONE after this date.

When will I receive my contractor badges?

PDF contractor badges will be sent out via email w/c August 21st 2023.


Are there any more stands available?

Unfortunately, we have reached maximum capacity for exhibitors and are unable to accept any further requests to exhibit at DSEI 2023.

However, we have an exciting alternative for you to consider - DSEI Connect & MeetMe. MeetMe is the ultimate networking tool at DSEI 2023, allowing you to book and plan meetings with industry buyers and suppliers before, during, and after the event. Your meetings will sync with your content schedule, providing you with a convenient way to manage everything in one place.


If you are still interested in participating in future DSEI events, we encourage you to register your interest for DSEI 2025. 

During DSEI 2023, our sales team will be available in the sales lounge, which is located at Urban Garden in the Central Boulevard, next to Hall 4 Entrance A. This will be a great opportunity to secure the lowest exhibitor prices and the exciting new building extension at ExCeL launching for DSEI 2025.

Don't miss this chance to be part of one of the leading defence and security exhibitions in the world.


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