DSEI Connect & MeetMe Benefits

DSEI Connect & MeetMe Benefits


Maximise your networking potential with MeetMe, our powerful networking tool. MeetMe allows you to book online and in-person meetings with attendees, enabling you to connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators before, during, and after the event. Seamlessly schedule meetings, exchange contact information, and foster meaningful connections that can shape your professional journey.

Benefits of using DSEI Connect & MeetMe

Early Access to Attendee List

With MeetMe Pro, customers can access the attendee list and start networking and organising meetings onsite four weeks before the event begins. MeetMe Basic provides access two weeks before.

Early Access to Attendee List

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

By gaining early access to the attendee list, customers have a head start in identifying and connecting with relevant individuals who share similar interests and objectives.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Greater Meeting Planning

The extended timeframe allows customers to proactively schedule meetings, ensuring they can secure valuable face-to-face interactions with key attendees.

Greater Meeting Planning

Access to Valuable Industry Content

Both MeetMe and DSEI Connect offer attendees unique access to valuable industry content, including keynote speeches, product demonstrations, thought leadership presentations, and analysis. This content is beneficial for attendees, as it provides insights into the latest operational requirements of global armed forces, future challenges in the defence and security sector, and the opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

Exclusive Networking Events

Networking Opportunities

The MeetMe platform offers a unique opportunity for attendees to network with industry professionals, potential clients, and colleagues. The ability to book online and in-person meetings, combined with the AI-powered matchmaking system that connects users with relevant attendees, can lead to significant business opportunities. This type of networking and lead generation service has a high value in the industry.

Dedicated Networking Areas

Professional Planning and Coordination

The MeetMe tool syncs with the DSEI Connect schedule, allowing for efficient planning and organisation. Attendees can schedule all their meetings and content in one place, ensuring they maximise their time at the event.

Industry Insights and Panel Discussions

365 Days Access

The pricing for MeetMe and DSEI Connect also includes a two-year subscription to DSEI Connect Content Hub. This feature allows users to access on-demand content, including all streamed content from DSEI at ExCeL, London, 365 days a year. This access provides continuous value even after the event has concluded.

MeetMe Networking Tool

Exhibitor Benefits of using DSEI Connect & MeetMe

Exhibitor Advantage

Exhibitors, who stand to gain significant business exposure through the event, are provided MeetMe profiles based on the size of their stand. This ensures that they can maximise their opportunities to connect with potential clients and collaborators.

Exhibitor Advantage

Supporting Event Organisation

Fees paid by attendees also contribute to the overall organisation of the event, helping to fund the necessary infrastructure, personnel, and resources needed to host an event of this magnitude and quality.

Collaborative Ventures


DSEI Connect’s engagement opportunities will position your company at the heart of the most important discussions in the defence industry, providing exposure to senior international buyers.


International Networking

How DSEI Connect & MeetMe Is Helping In Achieving an Integrated Force

International Collaboration

National integration of forces and capabilities is no longer sufficient. International integration across allies and partners is essential to improve understanding, enhance global reach, and create disruptive capabilities collectively.

International Networking

Inclusive Culture and Collaboration

An integrated force requires an inclusive culture where collaborative thinking becomes the default approach. DSEI 2023 emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture that promotes collaboration among military colleagues, government partners, and international allies.

Collaborative Ventures

Integrated Technologies

Commanders require a full range of capabilities that work seamlessly together. DSEI 2023 emphasizes the importance of integrated technologies that allow for interoperability and enable commanders to leverage a variety of tools and resources.

International Networking

Strengthening Supply Chains

Multi-Domain Integration acknowledges the importance of understanding and fortifying supply chains. DSEI 2023 emphasizes the need for cohesive collaboration between the defence and industry sectors, harnessing innovative technologies and skills from civil and private sectors.

Collaborative Ventures

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