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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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DSEI Webinars

DSEI Webinars

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DSEI webinars connect you to global experts from the defence and security community. Join leading figureheads as they discuss some of the most pertinent challenges facing defence in our Defence Leaders Debates series. Delve deeper into the accelerating UK Space sector through our Integrated Space webinars. For more in depth analysis of specific topics, check out our In Conversation With... series, featuring 1-2-1 discussions with DSEI First Advisor Air Vice Marshal Gary Waterfall (Retd.) and some of the most senior global voices from industry, military and government. 

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Latest Webinars

In Conversation With... AVM Justin Reuter

AVM Reuter outlines the forward Command strategy, which focuses on maintaining strategic advantage through agility. He discusses the role of UK Strategic Command in creating a more integrated defence, the impact of these developments on industry prospects and the need for a different type of relationship with industry. 

In the light of these developments, AVM Reuter also touches on the need for a new approach to career development, skills acquisition, and the models of human behaviours.

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Integrated Space: Space in 2040

In episode 4 of the Integrated Space series, the panel will discuss the following:

1. What will the space landscape look like in 2040?
2. How is the importance of space to a country's prosperity likely to change by 2040 and beyond?
3. What scenarios are most likely and what will influence which scenarios prevail?
4. Which actors are likely to be the principal investors in space capability in 2040?
5. What are the political, economic and military implications of these changes?
6. How will collaboration with international allies, industry and academia change to accommodate the changes in the space sector?
7. What are the major risks to countries' ambitions in space in the future?
8. Where should countries and commercial organisations be looking to make investments to maximise the opportunities of Space and minimise or mitigate the risks?

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Webinar Series

Defence Leaders Debates

DSEI's Defence Leaders Debates are a series of online discussions featuring key figureheads and expert panellists from industry, governments and military. 

 Recent topics:

  • Harnessing Innovation for Strategic Advantage
  • Army Equipment Requirements
  • Bringing Technology and Manufacturing Technology Readiness Levels in Line
  • Meeting Skills Requirements for Modernisation
  • Choose to Challenge - Diversity, Inclusion & Talent in the Defence Industry
  • Cyber Defence in a Fully Networked Force
  • Integrated Responses to Future Threats
  • Science and Technology - Fit for the future threat landscape

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Bringing Technology and Manufacturing Technology Readiness Levels in Line

What are challenges facing equipment development, from the design stage through to manufacture and availability in service? How do key design requirements impact the manufacturing and the supply chain?

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In Conversation With... 

In Conversation With... connects the DSEI audience to a roster of high level speakers as they explore specific topics with DSEI's first senior advisor, AVM Gary Waterfall (Retd.)

Recent guests:

  • AVM Justin Reuter, Director of Strategy, UK Strategic Command
  • Sir Simon Bollom, CEO, DE&S
  • General Sir Richard Barrons KCB, CBE, Co-Chair, Universal Defence and Security Solutions 
  • Lt Gen Richard Nugee CBE, Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy Lead, Ministry of Defence
  • Air Vice Marshal Harv Smyth OBE, DFC, the UK's first Director of Space
  • Tony Smith CBE, former Director General, UK Border Force
  • Mark Goldsack, Director, Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation (DIT DSO)
  • Sir David Lidington KCB, CBE, Chair, RUSI

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General Sir Richard Barrons KCB, CBE, Co-Chair, Universal Defence and Security Solutions 

This conversation with the former Secretary of State for Justice discusses the integrated review and its implications.

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Integrated Space

Integrated Space is a series of space-themed webinars featuring discussions with senior members of the UK MOD, UK Space Agency, industry and academia.

Recent topics: 

  • The Roles of Stakeholders in Skills Development
  • A National Framework for Space

  • Developing the HMG Space Enterprise

  • Space in 2040


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The Role of Stakeholders in Skills Development

The current state of skills in the space sector. What the needs are of the space sector? What the gaps in skills are between those available and those needed?

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Scouting For Medical Innovation

Scouting for Medical Innovation examines the development and integration of new capabilities within the Defence Medical Space. This series is organised in partnership with the services innovation accelerator, JHubMed.

Recent topics:

  • Industry Engagement in jHubMed and the Defence Medical Services
  • Project Cortisone
  • Multi-disciplinary Innovation Throughout COVID-19


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Project Cortisone

Programme Cortisone addresses the need to record, manage and exploit all healthcare information generated by the Defence Medical Services.

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