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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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Cdr Neil McCallum, Royal Navy

Cdr Neil McCallum on the Royal Navy’s themes this year.

Col Nigel Tai, DMS

Col Nigel Tai on jHub Med.

Lt Col John Francis, DMS

Medical Innovation and DMS’s themes for both conference and demo.

Cdr John Gordon, Information Warfare Division, Royal Navy

Cdr John Gordon provides insight into this year’s DSEI Maritime Capability Conference: ‘Autonomous Operations in a Digital Navy’.

Dr Julie Greeves, Principal Physiologist, British Army

Dr Julie Greeves discusses this year’s DSEI medical demos which included injury prevention, nutrition and training interventions that are used to inform Defence's evidence-based decisions used in preparing its people for the rigours of Service life.

Air Cdre David Bradshaw, Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Delivery (Combat Air), RAF

Air Cdre David Bradshaw presented on Wednesday of DSEI 2019. Here he provides insight into key focus areas for future combat air capability.

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