Mietta Groeneveld

Colonel Mietta Groeneveld

Director NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE), NATO
Currently serves as the Director of the NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE). The NATO C2COE supports NATO, nations and international institutions/organizations with subject matter expertise on Command and Control on the strategic and operational level.
Started her career in 1986. She graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Breda as a Maintenance Officer in 1991. After her first assignments in the Netherlands and Germany, she was selected in 1997 to attend the Technical University in Delft where she achieved a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics in 2001.
Mietta has undertaken a variety of command and staff roles in land, joint and multinational organizations. She was the commander of NLD 310 Maintenance Unit in 2007 and she has lead the program management of the SAP implementation within the Dutch Armed Forces.
In 2013-2014, she completed the National Security Program (NSP6) at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto and later in 2014 served as Branch Head Multilateral Military Affairs within the Department of Defense in the Netherlands, where she was responsible for the coordination of military policy with NLD MOD delegations within NATO, EU, UN, and OSCE in the direct aftermath of the Russian invasion of Crimea. Additionally, she served as the NLD MOD representative within the NATO Logistics Committee and the NATO Committee on Standardization. She was the NLD Chairman of the board for the BENELUX Arms Control Agency as well as the NATO CIMIC COE, and Member of the Board of the Strategic Airlift Capability C-17 and the Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE).
Throughout her career, Col Groeneveld was deployed to Kirgizstan in 2002 as Deputy Senior National Representative as part of the European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) in Operation Enduring Freedom and to Afghanistan in 2017-2018 where she was the CJ4/EF5 of Training and Advisory Command-North at Masar-e-Sharif, and the NLD-SNR/red card holder for the Resolute Support Mission,
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