Mickey Stewart MBE

Mr Mickey Stewart MBE

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AEI Saudi
Saudi Arabia
Mickey is an Executive Team member with over 25 years of operational experience, 20 of which are in the region.
As DCEO he is responsible for AEI strategic Business Development and the integration between new clients and the AEI service delivery business units.
In the last few years, the Vision2030 strategy has had a tangible effect as planned across all elements of Saudi society and its economy. Combine this transformation with shifts in geo economic and political factors, and Saudi is a market full of opportunity. AEI are advocates of Vision2030 making sure clients are aware of their essential contribution and incentives involved with overseas investment into the Kingdom.
Mickey joined AEI in 2021 moving from Bahrain to KSA in the knowledge that the strategic initiative is unlike any other in modern times. Initially running an AEI transformation program to prepare for the growth of AEI, he now travels the region and other offshore markets to discuss with potential clients the exciting opportunities available across the Saudi business environment and how they can positively contribute to the Kingdom.
Living in Riyadh with his family, Mickey served for over 20 years in the UK MOD, before joining the private sector. He has been a COO, and worked in UK FTSE 100 companies as well as SMEs.
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