Kameswarie Nunna

Dr. Kameswarie Nunna

Data Science Business Manager, Newton Europe
United Kingdom

Dr Kameswarie Nunna is Newton’s data science capability lead with a background in nonlinear control, an interdisciplinary field of engineering and mathematics. After completing her PhD, she honed her skills in data analysis and mathematical modelling during her tenure at MathWorks, where she worked on various simulation projects for clients. She then moved into Formula 1, joining Red Bull Racing. There, she made a significant impact on driver-in-loop simulators, contributing her expertise to improving the performance race cars and drivers. Wanting to apply her knowledge to broader contexts, she joined McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT). She led a team in MAT developing a groundbreaking digital twin proof of concept aimed at optimising patient flow within the National Health Service (NHS), helping them deliver better care.

Currently, she works in the Defence Sector, where she drives innovation through data-driven solutions. She led a team that successfully developed a digital solution to address critical issues related to strategic asset availability, a solution that has evidenced potential benefits worth £316 million to date. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a passion for leveraging data to integrate across enterprises. From her early work in data analysis to her groundbreaking projects in Formula 1, healthcare, and defence, she consistently pushes the boundaries of how data can transform industries and drive real value. As an advocate for cutting-edge technologies, Kameswarie is exploring the integration of AI into Defence looking at optimising asset availability and how to use LLMS to generate better insights from data.

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