Guglielmo Maviglia

Guglielmo Maviglia

Global Combat Air Programme Officer, Leonardo S.p.A.

General Management Business & Operations, Global Combat Air Programme Director 

Graduated in Electronics Engineering at Tor Vergata University in Rome, in 1998 he started
his career at Finmeccanica where has been appointed VP Business in 2015.
In Leonardo, former Finmeccanica, has been appointed in 2019 SVP Customer Service in Airborne & Space System Division.
In 2021 he was appointed SVP Tempest Programme Director and in 2023 Chief Global Combat Air Programme Officer.
In 2017, he attended a 69^ course at the Centre for Defence Higher Studies (CASD) obtaining grade “cum laude”.
In 2018, he graduated in Turin University on 2nd Level Master in Global Strategy and Security.

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