David Banks Phd

David Banks Phd

Lecturer in War Studies (Wargaming) and Academic Director of the King's Wargaming Network, King's College London
United Kingdom

David Banks is Wargaming Lecturer at the War Studies Department King’s College London. where he also serves as the Academic Director of the King’s Wargaming Network. He has designed a number of wargames for research and education and teaches two MA modules on wargaming methods and wargaming design. His current wargaming research is focused on determining epistemological standards for evaluating wargames as a research method. This includes projects on the foundations of wargaming, how to link theory to design, and the role of subject matter experts in professional wargames. In addition to his wargaming research, Dr. Banks also studies diplomatic practice in international society, with a special emphasis on symbolic and rhetorical diplomacy.  His current book manuscript researches the motivation for and political consequences of state violations of diplomatic practice.

He has been published in International Studies Quarterly and Security Studies, and media outlets including The Washington Post, Time, The Independent, Chicago Tribune, Navy Times, US World News & Report, and has appeared on BBC News. He received his PhD in International Relations from George Washington University in Washington DC in 2015.

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