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ROYAL NAVY: Personnel & Training – Autonomy; Anticipating Tomorrow’s Skills

13 Sep 2019
South Theatre

Those militaries that can effectively field autonomous systems, and harness their advantages can, in one stroke, increase their mass, or use mass of others; increase precision; increase lethality; decrease decision times and protect their people more effectively.  However, nothing will change the fact that War is a very human endeavour and we will always remain central to its undertaking.  What are the challenges for identifying, training and retaining technically adept individuals in an autonomous Navy, and how can Human-Machine Teaming harness the true potential of autonomous systems?

As the Royal Navy drives towards greater digitisation and autonomy, the expectations placed on its people are likewise in a transformational phase.  Indeed society itself, from which we recruit our people, is also evolving in the face of the myriad opportunities and challenges the digital age presents.  How therefore does the Navy best keep pace with technological advancement whilst ensuring it can recruit and retain the people who are best-placed to maximise its potential?  Further, can we call upon lessons learned in industry to ensure that we are making best possible progress in this space?

Mike Bath, Naval Secretary, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Personnel and Flag Officer Reserves - Royal Navy
Will Warrender CBE, Flag Officer Sea Training and Assistance Chief of Naval Staff Training - Royal Navy
Phil Hally, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, People Transformation - Royal Navy


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