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FMI Smart Shipyards

13 Sep 2019
South Theatre

Continuous performance improvement has always been critical for successful shipyards.  The general focus of shipyard process improvement changes from time to time as new technologies and approaches become available.  The current focus is on the technologies associated with Industry 4.0, which is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Industry 4.0 and ‘Smart’ are often represented by technology vendors and consultants as the 4th major revolution in manufacturing; one that will provide a step change in the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and manufacturing operations.  However, the applications of these technologies to manufacturing, as well as to supporting design, engineering, operations, and business processes, is more appropriately characterized as an evolution enabled by the ongoing evolution of smarter and more deeply integrated cyber-physical machines, systems, and people.

The ‘Smart Shipyard’ concept is based on the intelligent adaption of Industry 4.0 and ‘smart factory’ principles and enablers to the shipyard environment.  Substantial domain process knowledge is critical to this adaption because, when compared to more standardized or higher-volume manufacturing enterprises, the shipyard domain has a unique combination of characteristics that impact the ability to effectively leverage the advantages of Industry 4.0 and ‘smart’.  These include very high product complexity and work content, a high degree of product uniqueness, and variability.

FMI / Royal HaskoningDHV has been evolving and implementing ‘SMART Shipyard’ technology in its shipyard designs and shipbuilding and ship repair process improvement work.  This is being done in parallel with our ‘SMART Shipping’ and ‘SMART Ports’ initiatives that apply SMART principles to port design, asset management, ship movement and mooring, logistics, warehousing, and work planning and management.

This presentation provides an overview of the vision and principles of the ‘SMART Shipyard’, the related enablers and their current state of evolution.  It also highlights some of the practical challenges and provides a general view of the way ahead.


Mark Spicknall, Senior Consultant - FMI Smart Shipyards


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