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12 - 15 September 2023

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Training the Digital Generation: Virtual, augmented, federated, and individually tailored training

16 Sep 2021
Aerospace Forum
Future Operational Requirements , Obtaining & Retaining Skills

Training and education is a vital component of the Next Generation RAF. From initial training, to instilling the professional skills required to undertake our primary air and space roles, from pre-deployment training to through-career military education, the RAF delivers a million days of training and education across 2,000 courses every year.

While the content of the training and education has evolved over time, how the RAF actually delivers it has not. If we are to meet the future needs of the Next Generation Air Force under ASTRA, we must reduce our dependency on outdated and inefficient residential-based training and introduce modern and digitally enabled learning packages that recognise prior learning, and can be completed at a pace to suit the individual, either at home or at work.

Featuring leading minds from across the MoD and industry partners, and led by RAF No. 22 Group Director of Flying Training, Air Commodore Jamie Hunter, this session will address how the RAF is taking lessons from across the private and public sector to tackle specific challenges within defence, including training, physical and mental health, and procurement, as well as providing key insights into how we plan to equip our personnel with the necessary skills to create change – from understanding how to address challenges, to building innovative solutions across key objectives, including:

  • Delivering suitably trained people to the frontline, faster.
  • Reducing time in training and the cost of training.
  • Embracing the use of cutting-edge and integrated technology.
  • Improving the student experience.
Air Commodore Jamie Hunter, Director Flying Training No.22 Group - Royal Air Force
Mr Dave Bentley, Director Strategy, Defence and Security UK - CAE
Dr Jon Allsop, R&D Psychologist, Central Flying Schoool - Royal Air Force
Mr Tim James, Managing Director - Ascent

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