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12 - 15 September 2023

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Synthetic First: The Next Generation approach to sustaining operational advantage

16 Sep 2021
Aerospace Forum
Future Operational Requirements , Obtaining & Retaining Skills

The RAF is leading the way in the use of synthetic training in defence and is already undertaking approximately 50% of all Combat Air training on synthetic devices. By 2040, the RAF expects to conduct 80% of all training synthetically. Significantly, with 17% of our people actively engaged in delivering and supporting training every day, we need to get more of them back into the frontline and as quickly as possible. In short, the RAF needs to do less training – better and quicker.

This session, led by Air Capability Assistant Chief of Staff (Combat Air),  Air Commodore David Bradshaw, will discuss the RAF’s ambitious new synthetic training capability, which will provide a step-change in the ability of our front-line Forces to train together in operationally realistic situations to meet an ever-increasing adversary threat, and allow pilots to do things they couldn’t practice in the real world.

Air Commodore Bradshaw will be joined by leaders and experts from across the MoD and key industry partners to discuss how the next generation of synthetic training tools will:

  • Allow multiple aircrew to experience the same battlefield environment and threats simultaneously.
  • Enable pilots to exercise capabilities, tactics and procedures that would be impossible in the live environment due to airspace, aircraft availability, or security constraints.
  • Fly a large number of aircraft together at any one time, which in real-life training would be almost impossible.
  • Facilitate high-fidelity training without aging aircrafts, burning jet fuel, or firing expensive weapons, which are important environmental and financial factors for the MoD.
Air Commodore David Bradshaw, ACOS Capability Delivery (Combat Air) - Royal Air Force
Mr Jez Milne, Business Development Manager - UK and Europe - BAE Systems
Jake Scott, UK Training Services Manager - Boeing Defence UK
Mr Hashim Hassam, Air Cap Science Adviser - People and Training - DST

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