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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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Keeping up with the Cyber race: anticipating technology developments and meeting the future skills demand

17 Sep 2021
Keynote Studio
Obtaining & Retaining Skills , Cyber Security
This panel will explore the pathways into the Defence industry for the full spectrum of cyber skills, with a focus on education for life. The fast-changing nature of the cyber environment demands constant updating of skills and expertise, with a need for more porous barriers between academic research, industry and military roles in order for all parts of the industry to benefit from the shared knowledge and experience, as well as drawing on expertise from civil sectors. What are the challenges facing the development of this approach, and how can they be tackled together?
Dr Prof. Bryn Hughes, Head of Science and Engineering Profession - Dstl
Ms Helen Phillips, Group Leader - Dstl
Air Cdre Ian Chesworth, Head Joint User for Intelligence and Cyber - UK MINISTRY OF DEFENCE
Mrs Yvonne James, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Cyber Security) - University of Lincoln
Mr Stewart Woods, Cyber Design Authority - Thales

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