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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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Interoperability is the key to tackling the uncertainty of the future security environment

16 Sep 2021
Joint Forum
Future Operational Requirements

The future of conflict is unknowable. Modern militaries are simultaneously faced with multiple threats that stretch Defence organisations in unfamiliar ways, moving beyond the threat of peer warfare to defending a rules-based international order or containing ‘grey zone’ threats.

No single military can meet these threats alone. No nation has enough precision guided munitions to sustain a protracted peer engagement by itself; no military can address the flood of mis- and dis-information permeating social media platforms without the cooperation of companies and other Government agencies. Success against today’s Defence challenges requires militaries to operate outside themselves, to be interoperable with other nations, other government agencies, and commercial partners in new ways.

Military interoperability is nothing new, but what is needed today goes far beyond sharing radios or tactics. This change will be hard and achieving interoperability (especially with non-military organisations or other parts of Government) will require strategic thinking, cultural change and dedicated focus to deliver. In this session, our panel will discuss how militaries need to change how they meet the uncertain threats of the future from buying equipment, training personnel, communicating information, and even how they make decisions.

Beth McGrath, Global Industry Leader, GPS - Deloitte
Vice Admiral (Retd) Darren Hawco, Executive Advisor - Deloitte
Major General Tom Copinger-Symes, Director of Military Digitalisation - UK StratCom
Rear Admiral Benjamin Reynolds, Director of Maritime Headquarters U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet - US Navy

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