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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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Improving Equipment Production Through Design Development 3

16 Sep 2021
Manufacturing Hub Theatre

Multi-Function Nanotechnology Enhancing Survivability

Advanced Material Development (AMD) are developing multifunctional nanotechnologies to provide stealth, protection and smart sensing. Nanomaterials are well known for their ability to improve mechanical and thermal stability of structures in defence and commercial applications. AMD are accelerating the development of nanomaterial processing and functionality to build additional capabilities which can be embedded as part of Land, Air, Maritime and Space platforms. Recent advances include demonstrating ultra-thin and lightweight materials which can manage radar and thermal signatures, protect from RF or laser weapons, and detect chemical weapons or structural fatigue. The versatility of the 2nd generation of nanotechnology against defence applications will be outlined, including the benefits that can be delivered.

Professor Alan Dalton, Chief Scientific Advisor - Advanced Materials Development
Mr Andreas Schilp, Head of Sales and Marketing - RENK Group

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