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14 - 17 September 2021

Excel - London

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Integrated Space Webinars


Integrated Space Webinars

A National Framework for Space

The second of these webinars will discuss innovation in the space sector and will tackle the following questions:

  1. What’s our working definition of innovation?
  2. What’s the state of the innovation scene in the UK at the moment?
  3. How do we compare to (and learn from) international partners?
  4. What are the main blockers to innovation, what can we use to overcome these?
  5. How do you envisage big and small organisations – from government and primes to the smallest start-ups – can work together to maximise benefits?
  6. What are the most exciting ideas coming out of the UK at the moment?


  • Dr Michael O’Callaghan, Space Programme Manager, dstl 
  • Dr Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager, STFC 
  • Gp Capt Sean O’Connor OBE, UK Space Directorate


  •  Dr Michael Holden, DSEI Space Advisor

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The Roles of Stakeholders in Skills Development

This webinar will discuss skills in the space sector and will address:

1. The current state of skills in the space sector
2. What the needs are of the space sector
3. What the gaps in skills are between those available and those needed
4. What are the alignments between Defence and Space skills
5. Approaches to address the skills gaps
6. How organisations and individuals can help address the skills needed
7. How the required skills will evolve over the next 20 years


  • Professor Anu Ojha 
  • Dr Simon Harwood
  • Katharine Bowden 
  • Dr Gemma Bagheri 


  • Dr Michael Holden, DSEI Space Advisor

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