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Swords to Ploughshares: The Wider Benefits of Defence Technology

11 Sep 2019
Innovation Hub Theatre
Innovation Focus
Did you know that defence and security technologies developed at some of the most secure sites in the UK can be licensed by industry? This is the job of Ploughshare Innovations. As the technology transfer organisation for the UK Ministry of Defence it is their job to evaluate innovations and seek out industry partners to take on world-leading innovations.

In addition to benefitting the licensee with novel technologies that support their business, these licence deals also support MOD. The MOD invests significantly in Science & Technology research and is therefore interested in maximising the impact from its investment.

Come and listen to James Kirby, CEO of Ploughshare, to discover how licensing UK MOD technologies works to the benefit of all parties and also of the wider benefits we deliver to society.
James Kirby, CEO - Ploughshare Innovations


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