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Hub Theatres


Hub Theatres

DSEI's Hubs act as focal points for capability-specific solutions. Theatres within these hubs provide a platform for knowledge sharing, exhibitor demonstrations and product launches. 

Manufacturing Hub Theatre

Manufacturing Hub Theatre

Developed to support the defence supply chain, the 2021 Manufacturing Hub Theatre was developed in partnership with a number of industry stakeholders, through a Call for Papers process which was open to all. The papers were selected based on their relevance to the audience. 

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The Manufacturing Hub Theatre enables demonstrations of the latest developments in supply chain management at every point along its lifecycle. Manufacturing Hub exhibitors offered insight into their products and services, and how they have adapted for the defence and security sectors. The programme provided a platform for industry partners to share their latest innovations and developments relating to design, production and delivery.

In the wake of COVID-19, which had a profound impact on the global supply chain, this year there was a particular emphasis on resiliency and recovery. This applies both to the infrastructure of production, and the maintenance of operational capabilities. The programme also looked at the importance of design, and how the development of design processes can significantly improve production quality and equipment performance.

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Medical Innovation Hub Theatre

Medical Innovation Hub Theatre

The 2021 Medical Innovation Hub Theatre was developed in close collaboration with Defence Medical Services and JHub Med, the services innovation accelerator that is tasked with identifying emerging technologies and delivering them into the hands of the end user at pace. 

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The Medical Innovation Hub Theatre is designed to demonstrate the latest innovations along the Operational Patient Care Pathway, including learnings from COVID-19 and applications for new technologies. The programme looked at future requirements for the modern military healthcare system, and how these innovations can support the delivery of those requirements.

Whether conducting high intensity operations or supporting humanitarian relief, a robust forward deployed medical capability is essential. Increasingly, the services must also be required to work with civilian counterparts to support public health and large scale national resilience projects. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the instrumental role that has been played by Defence Medical Services, demonstrates this close working relationship and the value of ensuring interoperability between civilian and defence partners.

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Space Hub Theatre

Space Hub Theatre

The 2021 Space Hub Theatre was developed in partnership with UK Space Command.

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Space, and our assured access to it, is fundamental to military operations. Loss of, or disruption to, the space domain, will impact our ability to undertake the majority of Defence Tasks, and has the potential for significant effect on civilian, commercial, and economic activity. 

The threat from adversaries in this rapidly evolving operational domain is real and it is here now. If we fail to understand how to operate in space, how to integrate space with all domains and integrate with Allies’ and Partners’ space capabilities, we will lose our competitive edge. 

DSEI has been working in close partnership with the MoD’s Space Directorate, as they have taken crucial steps in the development of a coherent strategy to understand and operate in Space, to protect UK and allied interests. We will continue to work with the Directorate in the coming years as well as UK Space Command, scheduled for IOC in 2022, to help deliver the international industry engagement that will be vital to their success. 

The Space Hub Theatre at DSEI 2021, led by Air Vice-Marshal Harv Smyth, Director MoD Space Directorate, and Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey, Commander UK Space Command, provided important clarification on how UK Space Command will operate as a Joint Command, staffed by personnel from the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, the Civil Service, and key partners across the commercial sector. 

Day 1 examined the close links between UK Space Command and the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), and a host of leading partners from industry and academia, specifically to examine options for the development of new capabilities, to enable multi-domain integration and capitalise on the rich pedigree of Research and Development expertise that exists within UK Defence. 

Day 2 looked to the future of the MoD and UK Government’s space ambitions, with new and exclusive information on Space Command’s strategic intent for defence space and their enabling capabilities, including the UK Space Operations Centre (SpOC) and the SKYNET 6 programme, as well as the international collaboration that is helping to deliver these capabilities to the Joint Forces. 

Day 3 focused on people and skills, featuring exclusive announcements regarding the Space Futures Hub, the Space Academy, and Space Command’s intentions and requirements for developing the next generation of personnel who will carry the UK to the forefront of this new era in Space, with the help of key partners across academia, government, and industry.  

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