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23 Aug 2023

Laser guidance system

MPS Micro Precision Systems Hall: Hall 2 Stand: MH Pod 13

Developed and manufactured by MPS Microsystems based on customer specifications, this lens actuator forms an essential component of a laser guidance system for unmanned flying objects. It enables 2 lens groups to be displaced individually over a total range of 48 mm and makes it possible to focus a laser over a distance of several kilometres.

The main technical difficulty inherent to this actuator lies in meeting very stringent requirements for alignment between the two lens groups (< 10 µm) and in maintaining a very small tilt of the lenses over their entire stroke (lateral deviation < 2 µm).

The key part making it possible to ensure such specifications is a frame machined by milling from an aluminium block, into which the 2 drive systems are fastened. These systems each consist of a Ø16 mm brushless motor and a Ø4 mm ball screw  with an axial play of less than 5 µm. Backlash-free and frictionless sliding of the lens holders is ensured by standard L306 linear ball bearings manufactured by MPS Microsystems.

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