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Camloc Snap Fit Fasteners

Howmet Fastening Systems Hall: Hall 2 Stand: MH Pod 15

Camloc Snap-Fit Fasteners: The smarter way to connect and disconnect Camloc snap-fit fasteners provide a highly reliable solution for connecting cladding panels, especially for panels which are made out of plastic. The installation process involves attaching this single piece, concealed fastener to one of the two panels to be connected. A strong adhesive may be used or, when using weldable plastic materials for the panels, friction welding or ultrasonic welding will cause the panel material to melt on to the fastener - forming a permanently fixed connection in approximately three seconds (dependent on panel material). The respective counterpart panel needs only a suitable hole which the fastener can be pressed in to. Once installation is complete, the panels can be easily connected and/or disconnected by either pressing or pulling. The holding force and reliability of the connection remains consistent even after many cycles in soiled conditions. Current applications include several car manufacturers who use Camloc snap-fit fasteners to fix panels within the boot/trunk of the car. Additional prospective applications include exhibition booth stands. Camloc snap-fit fasteners can be manufactured in various colors and sizes depending on quantity. However on request; the engineers at HFS Camloc have the ability to develop custom-made solutions for unique applications.

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