• Bath, UK: BMT Asset Performance, a subsidiary of BMT Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Haycock as Business Development Lead for Surface Systems.  

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  • Kelvin Hughes first launched its dedicated drone detection system earlier this year incorporating SharpEye™ SxV 360 degree radar and electro optic cameras with the Single Mast Solution (SMS) security system.

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  • Servowatch, a leading supplier of advanced integrated ship control systems, is very proud to announce they have again been selected by Hyundai to supply their Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS). This down select will see Servowatch partnering with Hyundai Electric to provide its IPMS for installation into the Philippine Navy’s Future Frigate programme to be built in Hyundai’s Ulsan facility; the largest shipyard in the world.

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  • Kelvin Hughes will be showing its latest tactical software features for the company’s naval navigation and situational awareness displays through an interactive multiscreen system.

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  • Kelvin Hughes is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) which is type approved to meet the latest International Hydrographic Office (IHO) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) standards.

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  • Amphenol Socapex is preparing to launch the distribution of the 2M connector series in Europe in partnership with Amphenol Aerospace Operation (AAO) and Amphenol Interconnects Manufacturing Systems (AIMS).

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  • Codan's Sentry-H has now been updated to include channel-based secure interoperability for voice communication and 3G ALE capabilities, perfect for use with Sprint software. 

    Sentry-H is specifically designed to deliver the smallest and lightest form factor with
    150 W RF power. It provides no-fuss integration into military base stations and mobility solutions from main battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, marine assets and soft skinned vehicles. Codan’s Sprint software provides secure, high performance HF radio messaging capabilities as well as a gateway to support interchange of phone SMS messages and internet email between the HF and external networks.

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  • 7metre VTOL UAV drone coming out

    05 Sep 2017 by: Andras Gyarmati UAVIATOR Drones

    At DSEI2017 the dedicated team of UAVIATOR Drones Ltd. is honoured to reveal their new 7metre allwing drone with VTOL capability and many more.

    As the new member  called the “Hammerhead” of their allwing UAV family this 7metre wingspan drone can carry upto 25Kgs of payload either inside its inner storage room (50cmX30cmX20cm) or outside on different, combinable pods as under carriage.
    The UAV has a total takeoff weight of 75Kgs, a range of 750Kms and a glide ratio of 32:1km. These parameters are continuously improving due to ongoing R&D and different installation configurations such as the hybrid drive.
    The VTOL capability opens up a new dimension for many end-users. With this the 7m drone becomes an outstanding UAV (or UAS with upgrades) in its category, ready to takeoff from any spot. Further developments are under way for example to allow the VTOL pod detaching from the main airframe and autonomously returning to the launch site for new takeoffs.
    Hammerhead VTOL is also planned to operate stationary at a certain height via a feeding cable from a ground based truck or location.
    The basic drone comes in a 2in1 transport box and launching container. 

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    The Husky 2G is the latest configuration mine and IED Route Clearance Vehicle from DCD Protected Mobility, South Africa. Through the years these vehicles demonstrated their presence in operational theatres. The 2-man cab enhances the operational effectiveness as tasks between the driver and operator are shared during Missions.

    Recently a Husky 2G was exposed to a 100kg IED explosion in theatre, within 2 days, repairs were made and the same crew continued on their mission. This vehicle is without doubt the safest Mine Protected Vehicle in the world. 

    Through the years the Husky vehicle has evolved to be the most cost effective and reliable Route Clearance System saving the lives of many troops all over the globe. A truly remarkable story - Focus on what matters, Saving lives!.

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  • Revolutionary MOHOC® Cameras are the first helmet cameras to be fully ruggedized for operational use, and continue to be deployed with Armed Forces around the world.

    Already in service with NATO countries, these military-optimized cameras are now being procured by Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies across the globe.

    Recent contracts with various Military and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Asia Pacific, South America and GCC countries add to a rapidly expanding number of countries deciding MOHOC® Cameras are the helmet camera for their personnel to wear in training exercises and in theatres of operation.


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  • “DSEI is a landmark event presenting to the world the excellence of the UK defence and security businesses. We expect to welcome high level international delegations to take part in meetings with our strategic partners. For us in government it is hugely important, an important showcase, a stage for diplomacy, a platform for the international engagement. We are really looking forward to DSEI in September 2017.”
    Harriett Baldwin MP, Minister for Defence Procurement
    UK MOD
  • “I very much look forward to continuing my personal support to DSEI. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore the development of airpower capability, through engagement with the widest range of industry and international partners.”
    Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB CBE DFC MA RAF Chief of the Air Staff
    Royal Air Force
  • “I much look forward to DSEI 17. We intend to build on the very positive experience of DSEI 15 as we construct the partnerships we need to deal with the complexity of the future operating environment”
    General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen Chief of the General Staff
    British Army
  • "DSEI 2015 was the ideal occasion for the Royal Navy to demonstrate its ambition to lead and win through technological innovation. The opportunity to meet with so many partners from academia, industry and overseas at DSEI is, as always, a really useful component of our engagement with the vital partners through whom we seek to deliver this innovation."
    Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB ADC, The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
    Royal Navy
  • "DSEI 17 will offer Joint Forces Command the opportunity to report on our plans for the future, in particular on operationalising our Warfare In The Information Age concept. I am looking forward to it."
    General Sir Chris Deverell Commander Joint Forces Command
  • "DSEI is a highlight within the defence calendar, I use it to find out what the most recent developments are in every technological area affecting for defence. Without DSEI I fear this sort of interaction, information exchange and knowledge of developments across all domains would be lost. DSEI is an invaluable international biannual event .”
    Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, Chairman, House of Commons Defence Select Committee
    UK Parliament
  • “DSEI is a fantastic showcase for defence companies where international buyers, sellers, developers, thinkers, educators and the trainers can all get together. The UK defence industry is looking to recruit more engineers, scientists and developers into 200,000 jobs and up to 10,000 apprentices within UK defence companies. DSEI is an excellent tool to highlight the challenges the industry face as well as showcase its capabilities domestically and overseas.”
    James Gray MP, House of Commons Defence Committee
    UK Parliament


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