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01 Jun 2023

Essex Liquid Oxygen Advancements

Essex Industries Hall: Hall 5 Stand: H5-501
Essex Liquid Oxygen Advancements

Essex Industries began more than 75 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri, as Harold Guller developed and sold a radio noise filter for the F-214 out of his fathers basement. As the company evolved over the 20th century, Essex Industries became a leading supplier of aircraft controls and components, emergency breathing equipment, and life support systems, which include crew oxygen delivery systems for ground-based and airborne medevac liquid oxygen (LOX) life support.

Essex entered the cryogenics market in 1963 with designs and the capability to manufacture Liquid Oxygen (LOX) converters, a highly efficient oxygen storage and delivery method. LOX systems provide several advantages over gaseous systems in these military applications because LOX increases volume 860 times as it converts from a liquid to a gas. This saves both weight and space on the aircraft and results in portable units that are easier to carry without sacrificing capability. They also have low operating pressures, less than 100 psi, which increases their safety factor, especially in battlefield situations. While originally used by aircraft pilots and crew, Essex took the attributes of LOX and designed systems that provided therapeutic oxygen for wounded soldiers transported via aircraft to military hospitals. The technology supports both air and ground-based medical life support requirements. One of those products has developed into the NPTLOX – Next Generation Portable Therapeutic Liquid Oxygen System—with six patients able to receive oxygen simultaneously while in transport. The pneumatic properties of LOX allow the systems to distribute or transfer without needing external power. With Essex's design and engineering efforts, medical oxygen can now be reliably provided nearly everywhere. Recognizing that additional support was needed in combat, Essex coordinated with special operations medics to design the Backpack Medical Oxygen System (BMOS). This lightweight unit can be carried or worn by parachutists and ground support personnel to provide immediate oxygen to the wounded. Essex also designed a filling station (BMOS-FS) to support the BMOS. The technology developed for military LOX systems has led Essex to similar advancements in the commercial medevac marketplace. Essex LOX systems are currently on 80% of the winged and rotary platforms that provide aeromedical transport from an accident scene to a medical center. Essex has provided more than 100,000 new LOX systems for military and commercial applications, ranging from a five-liter converter to 500-gallon LOX trailers.

Find specific products and information here https://essexindustries.info/LOX 

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