• 2CL Communications

    Stand: N4-197
  • 2G Robotics

    Stand: N3-642
  • 3EEOS

    Stand: N7-111
  • 3M

    Stand: N2-228
  • 3Si

    Stand: S3-331
  • 4C Strategies

    Stand: N3-692

    Stand: N8-320
  • 4Secure

    Stand: N7-176
  • 707 Tactical Gear

    Stand: N5-234
  • A & M Defence & Marine Services

    Stand: S7-190
  • A.D.S. International

    Stand: S5-356
  • Aardvark

    Stand: N6-384
  • AB Precision

    Stand: S4-332
  • Abeillon

    Stand: N7-456
  • ABHI

    Stand: N2-299
  • ABRO Group

    Stand: N7-265
  • Abu Dhabi Ship Building

    Stand: N10-110
  • Accenture

    Stand: S4-262
  • Accuracy International

    Stand: N6-372
  • ACME Portable Computers

    Stand: N2-120
  • ACOA

    Stand: N4-132
  • Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA)

    Stand: S7-360
  • Acromag

    Stand: N5-192
  • Active Electronics

    Stand: N4-300
  • Active-PCB

    Stand: N4-182
  • ADECS – Asia Defence Expo and Conference Series

    Stand: S7-380
  • Adimec Advanced Image Systems

    Stand: N9-110
  • ADS Advance

    Stand: S4-362
  • ADS Group

    Stand: S4-260
  • Advanced Armour Engineering

    Stand: N10-104
  • Advanced Defense Systems

    Stand: N3-400
  • Advanced Navigation

    Stand: S7-356
  • Advanced Resource Managers

    Stand: S3-192
  • Advanced Vision Technology

    Stand: S6-274
  • AEI Saudi

    Stand: N5-194
  • AEI Systems

    Stand: S5-380
  • Aeraccess

    Stand: N2-374
  • Aerco

    Stand: S2-367
  • Aero Tec laboratories

    Stand: N3-575
  • Aerodyne Research Manufacturing

    Stand: N3-110
  • Aerohub

    Stand: N2-270
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne

    Stand: N5-328
  • Aeromet

    Stand: N6-382
  • Aeronautical & General Instruments

    Stand: S4-460
  • Aeronix

    Stand: N5-205
  • Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia Limited

    Stand: S10-210
  • AeroVironment

    Stand: N5-214
  • Aeryon Labs

    Stand: N4-221
  • AES Defence

    Stand: S4-400
  • AFL

    Stand: N5-376
  • Agilis Satcom

    Stand: S5-356
  • Agility

    Stand: S2-340
  • Aglaya

    Stand: N7-188
  • AGP

    Stand: S6-310
  • AIAD & M.O.D

    Stand: S5-120
  • AIM Infrarot

    Stand: S6-386
  • Aimpoint

    Stand: N2-229
  • Air and Ground

    Stand: N2-163
  • Air Charter Service

    Stand: N3-160
  • Air Drop Box

    Stand: N2-293
  • Air Force Institute of Technology

    Stand: N2-352
  • Air Power Association

    Stand: N2-128
  • Air Radiators

    Stand: S10-210
  • Airborne Systems

    Stand: N5-139
  • Airborne Systems Europe

    Stand: S4-156,ND5
  • Airborne Technologies

    Stand: S9-166
  • AirBoss- Defense

    Stand: N3-647
  • Aircraft Appliances and Equipment

    Stand: S4-460
  • AirForce Times

    Stand: N4-442
  • Airnesco Group

    Stand: S3-272
  • Aish Technologies

    Stand: S3-220
  • Aitech

    Stand: S5-305
  • Akhter Computers

    Stand: N4-190
  • AKIMOKU Iron Works Co.,Ltd.

    Stand: S7-360
  • Al Defaiya

    Stand: S2-165

    Stand: N10-110
  • Alaris Antennas (Pty) Ltd

    Stand: N3-110
  • Alaska Structures

    Stand: N5-268
  • Albrecht Bender

    Stand: S7-354
  • Alker Fibre Optics Specialists

    Stand: S2-200
  • Allan Webb

    Stand: S9-243
  • Allen-Vanguard

    Stand: S3-251
  • Al-Met

    Stand: S4-310
  • Alpha Optics

    Stand: N3-645
  • Alsons Industries

    Stand: N7-300
  • Alta Devices

    Stand: N2-240
  • Altama / Original S.W.A.T.

    Stand: N9-266

    Stand: N8-130

    Stand: N6-214
  • AM General

    Stand: N5-152
  • Ambition EPRR Expo

    Stand: S7-380
  • American Panel Corporation

    Stand: N5-186
  • American Power Systems

    Stand: N9-473
  • American Technologies Network

    Stand: N4-330
  • AMETEK Airtechnology Group

    Stand: N8-252
  • Ampex Data Systems

    Stand: N5-193
  • Amphenol

    Stand: S2-156
  • AmSafe Bridport – Air Cargo

    Stand: N2-351
  • AmSafe Bridport – RPG Protection

    Stand: N10-335
  • Amulet Hotkey

    Stand: N8-190
  • Analog Devices GmbH

    Stand: N4-173
  • Analytic Systems

    Stand: N4-113
  • Anitcom

    Stand: S10-210
  • Antenna Research Associates (ARA)

    Stand: N4-272
  • Antillion

    Stand: S4-344
  • Antmicro

    Stand: N6-378
  • AOC Pavilion

    Stand: N2-241
  • Apacer Technology Inc.

    Stand: S5-300
  • Apem Components

    Stand: S9-425
  • APEX Industries Inc

    Stand: N4-132
  • ApexO

    Stand: N3-610
  • API Technologies

    Stand: S8-100
  • Applied Systems

    Stand: N5-442
  • Aqualung UK

    Stand: S8-375
  • AQYR

    Stand: N4-462
  • Arab Defence Journal

    Stand: N4-198
  • Arab Ready Meals (ARM)

    Stand: N9-310
  • ArcelorMittal

    Stand: N7-355
  • ARES

    Stand: N6-215
  • AREX d.o.o. Sentjernej

    Stand: S6-280
  • Arge

    Stand: S8-274

    Stand: N5-460
  • ARKE

    Stand: S10-260
  • ARMAS d.o.o.

    Stand: S6-280
  • Armatec Survivability

    Stand: N3-648
  • Armor Australia

    Stand: S10-210
  • Armor Express

    Stand: N7-163
  • Armour Communications

    Stand: N7-197
  • Armscor SOC Ltd.

    Stand: N3-110
  • Army Recognition Group

    Stand: N10-196
  • Army Times

    Stand: N4-442
  • Ascent Vision

    Stand: N4-376
  • ASE Corporate Eyecare

    Stand: N2-364

    Stand: N7-134
  • Aselsan Middle East (AME)

    Stand: N9-310
  • Asian Defence Journal

    Stand: N9-488
  • ASL

    Stand: N8-382
  • Asmar Shipyards

    Stand: S9-180
  • ASTi

    Stand: N5-188
  • Astrohn

    Stand: N7-492
  • Astronics Test Systems

    Stand: N5-395
  • Astute Electronics

    Stand: N3-410
  • ASV Global

    Stand: S2-364
  • AsystsU

    Stand: S4-266
  • AT Engine Controls

    Stand: S2-321
  • Atech Negócios em Tecnologias

    Stand: N8-130
  • Atkins

    Stand: S4-420
  • Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association (ACADA)

    Stand: N4-132
  • Atlas Aerospace

    Stand: N10-110
  • Atlas Composite Technologies

    Stand: N3-360
  • Atlas Elektronik

    Stand: S9-460,ND2

    Stand: S9-460
  • Atlas Telecom

    Stand: N10-110
  • Atrasorb Indústria de Produtos Hospitalares

    Stand: N8-130
  • AUDS

    Stand: S2-366
  • Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd

    Stand: S10-210
  • Autoflug

    Stand: S6-345
  • Automotive Tools & Supplies

    Stand: N9-479
  • Avanterra Off Road Vehicles

    Stand: S10-210
  • AV-DEC

    Stand: N4-277
  • AVI

    Stand: S2-193
  • Avon Protection

    Stand: N9-260
  • Avoptics

    Stand: S4-310
  • AVS Textile

    Stand: N6-254
  • AWS Electronics Group

    Stand: S2-289
  • AxleTech International

    Stand: N5-150
  • Axnes Aviation AS

    Stand: S5-360
  • B&W

    Stand: N3-174
  • B.E. Meyers & Co

    Stand: N5-135
  • B3 Inc.

    Stand: N5-190
  • Babcock International Group

    Stand: S2-310,S2-330
  • BAE Systems

    Stand: S3-110,ND3,N7-195
  • Bagira Switzerland

    Stand: S8-174
  • Bagira Systems

    Stand: S8-174
  • Bagira Tech S.R.O

    Stand: S8-174
  • Ballistic & Mechanical Testing (BMT)

    Stand: S10-210
  • Balseal

    Stand: S2-365
  • Baltic Workboats

    Stand: S9-292
  • Baltimore Innovations

    Stand: N8-291
  • Barrett

    Stand: N4-326
  • Barrett Communications

    Stand: N7-160
  • Barrus

    Stand: S2-278
  • Battlefield Clearance Team Licensing (BCTL, Co.)

    Stand: N4-288
  • Battlefield International

    Stand: N9-456
  • Battlespace

    Stand: N8-297
  • Battlespace Simulations Inc

    Stand: S9-130
  • BBI Detection

    Stand: S3-356
  • BCB International

    Stand: N5-200
  • BeaverFit

    Stand: N8-180
  • Beechwood Equipment

    Stand: N3-675
  • BEHLMAN Electronics

    Stand: S7-100
  • Beijing Tongyizhong Specialty fiber technology & development Co.ltd

    Stand: N7-164
  • Belleville Boot Co.

    Stand: N5-384
  • Benchmark Electronics

    Stand: S2-133
  • Beretta Defence Technologies

    Stand: S5-145
  • Berthon Boat Company

    Stand: S10-362
  • Bertin Technologies

    Stand: N7-450
  • Best of British Survivability

    Stand: N10-335
  • Beth-El Zichron Yaaqov Industries

    Stand: N8-165
  • Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

    Stand: N6-110
  • “DSEI is a landmark event presenting to the world the excellence of the UK defence and security businesses. We expect to welcome high level international delegations to take part in meetings with our strategic partners. For us in government it is hugely important, an important showcase, a stage for diplomacy, a platform for the international engagement. We are really looking forward to DSEI in September 2017.”
    Harriett Baldwin MP, Minister for Defence Procurement
    UK MOD
  • “I very much look forward to continuing my personal support to DSEI. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore the development of airpower capability, through engagement with the widest range of industry and international partners.”
    Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB CBE DFC MA RAF Chief of the Air Staff
    Royal Air Force
  • “I much look forward to DSEI 17. We intend to build on the very positive experience of DSEI 15 as we construct the partnerships we need to deal with the complexity of the future operating environment”
    General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen Chief of the General Staff
    British Army
  • "DSEI 2015 was the ideal occasion for the Royal Navy to demonstrate its ambition to lead and win through technological innovation. The opportunity to meet with so many partners from academia, industry and overseas at DSEI is, as always, a really useful component of our engagement with the vital partners through whom we seek to deliver this innovation."
    Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB ADC, The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
    Royal Navy
  • "DSEI 17 will offer Joint Forces Command the opportunity to report on our plans for the future, in particular on operationalising our Warfare In The Information Age concept. I am looking forward to it."
    General Sir Chris Deverell Commander Joint Forces Command
  • "DSEI is a highlight within the defence calendar, I use it to find out what the most recent developments are in every technological area affecting for defence. Without DSEI I fear this sort of interaction, information exchange and knowledge of developments across all domains would be lost. DSEI is an invaluable international biannual event .”
    Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, Chairman, House of Commons Defence Select Committee
    UK Parliament
  • “DSEI is a fantastic showcase for defence companies where international buyers, sellers, developers, thinkers, educators and the trainers can all get together. The UK defence industry is looking to recruit more engineers, scientists and developers into 200,000 jobs and up to 10,000 apprentices within UK defence companies. DSEI is an excellent tool to highlight the challenges the industry face as well as showcase its capabilities domestically and overseas.”
    James Gray MP, House of Commons Defence Committee
    UK Parliament


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