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SYNTACS Command & Control (Combat Management, Mine Countermeasures)

Ansch├╝tz Hall: Hall 2 Stand: H2-472

SYNTACS is a modular command and control system, that extends the integrated navigation system to a tactical navigation, command, and combat system solution.

SYNTACS features a customizable dashboard to present the maritime picture, along with additional tools for classification and tactical manoeuvres such as intercept or stationing, additional sensors, or effectors. A comprehensive module for mine countermeasures is also available.

SYNTACS improves situational awareness by creating areas and zones for dedicated surveillance. Seamless integration and correlation with other ship systems and sensors like track management, navigation or surveillance radar, electro-optical sensors, automatic identification system or (warship) electronic chart display and information system enable accurate, safe identification of contacts and lay the foundation for reliable mission fulfilment. Where required, countermeasures can be integrated. Mission data recording is available for training and improvement of operations, but as well for operations with juridical background. 

Long-range surveillance operations can also be supported through an integrated data link that allows exchanging tactical data and the maritime picture between multiple operating units and shore-based control. 

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