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24 May 2023

Silver Zinc Batteries:

HBL Power Systems Hall: Hall 6 Stand: H6-200

Silver Zinc Batteries:

HBL has developed several indigenous Silver Batteries – both Primary and Secondary for Torpedo Applications of German ,Italian & Russian make.

Over the last 35 years we have been working extensively on AgO/Zn, AgCl/Mg & AgO/Al chemistries.

All our Batteries utilize proven In-house technologies.

  1. Silver Zinc Batteries: These Batteries generally employ Silver oxide zinc chemistry to provide very high current requirement of Torpedoes (LWT and HWT), Aircrafts and Missiles. Potassium Hydroxide Solution is the electrolyte used in the battery.
  2. Silver Chloride Magnesium Batteries: These batteries are generally empty Silver chloride Magnesium chemistry to provide very high current requirements of Torpedoes Sea Water is the electrolyte (upon entry) used in these batteries.

Applications (Silver-Zinc Batteries)

  • Torpedo,
  • Missile
  • Aircraft

HBL supplies to a wide range of foreign Navies– however the names remain confidential as they are all covered by NDA’s

Boucher- HBL Company Brochure for Silver-Zinc is Enclosed- However, Silver-Zinc are application specific, so in most cases the battery is customized as per customer requirements.

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