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29 Aug 2023

SAR 762 MT 7,62x51mm Machine Gun

SARSILMAZ SILAH SANAYI A.S Hall: Hall 3 Stand: H3-512

SAR 762 MT series, which is manufactured by completely domestic design and engineering to meet Türkiye's machine gun needs, is developed for both infantry and onboard use. SAR 762 MT series, which offers more shots with its quick barrel changeover feature, has at least 50 thousand shots of body and a barrel life of 25 thousand shots. The weapon, which can operate in temperatures between -42 and + 72°C, reaches 1,200m for regional targets. The maximum range of SAR 762 MT is 3,725 m. There are three different models of the machine gun with an open position/gas-driven assembly. While SAR 762 MT A series can be used in remote controlled weapon systems, SAR 762 MT C series can operate with the main weapon in the Cobra, Ejder Yalçın, Amazon, Kirpi, Vuran vehicles. SAR 762 MT B series developed for infantry use can be fired on both fork legs and tripods.

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