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29 Aug 2023

SAR 56 5,56x45mm Assault Rifle

SARSILMAZ SILAH SANAYI A.S Hall: Hall 3 Stand: H3-512

Sarsılmaz company combined the experience gained from SAR 223 developed series originally and the mass production MPT76 infantry rifles with SAR 56 series. SAR 56 series, which emerged as a result of blending the experiences with the feedback received from the personnel in the field, draws attention with its user-friendly and ergonomic structure. While SAR 56 series offers high performance with its short stroke gas piston drive system and a diameter of 5.56x45mm, it also provides easy handling with its five-position and cheek-supported butt. This ergonomic structure of SAR 56 series is reinforced by its long and detachable stock as well as a supported hand grip. SAR 56 series, which can be secured when it is not installed, prioritizes security and has a structure compatible with tactical use with its double-sided latch group. Polymer dust cover, ergonomic sling attachment ring, indicator magazine are among the other important features of SAR 56 series. This high-tech assault rifle is also available in different barrel lengths. SAR 56 series, which offers three different barrel length alternatives as 7.5", 11" and 14.5" can adapt to all missions that can take place in different conditions, from close to far range.

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