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24 May 2023

Lithium Reserve Battery

HBL Power Systems Hall: Hall 6 Stand: H6-200

Lithium reserve battery:

Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries are used in Fuses of various Military and Naval weapon systems, Projectiles, Bombs and Missiles.

HBL Reserve Batteries are hermetically sealed and designed to withstand high setback shock (up-to 50000 ‘g’s) and spin (up-to 30000 rpm) to which the munitions are subjected during combat.

HBL Batteries are designed to function consistently over a temperature range of -45 C to +71 C.


  • Missiles
  • Guided bombs.
  • Guided artillery.
  • Mortars
  • Fuses – safety and arming circuits
  • Rockets.
  • Guided artillery and equipment
  • Emergency power kits
  • Counter-measure devices
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