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24 Jul 2023

HERO Loitering Munitions Multi-Domain Weapon System for Air, Land & Sea

UVision Air Hall: Hall 1 Stand: H1-156

On Land
Simple Deployment and Flexible Operation
Extremely lightweight, and man-pack portable, the HERO
loitering munitions can be carried right into the heart of
the battle and deployed within minutes. With a pneumatic
launch, low noise and low thermal, visual and radar
signature, HERO is a silent, invisible, surprise attacker – a
major asset both in rural and urban battlefields.
Based on extensive field experience and tested in combat,
the HERO highly advanced munitions are simple to
operate, specifically tailored for use of land forces in
harsh conditions. With their unique ability to Transfer the
Control between different units and forces in the battlefield
while in midair, the HERO series allows the modern soldier
to utilize the advantages of the entire line of munition at
his will. HERO series provide Full commonality, offering
even frontline dismounted units, and small light forces,
highly accurate long-range heavy firepower combined with
advanced ISR that until now was only achieved by complex
cooperation between several units and echelons. 


At Sea
Multi-Dimensional Coverage of the Naval Arena
The HERO series of Lethal Loitering Munitions provides new and unique operational solutions to the different
dimensions of the Naval warfare. Their extended range and unique transfer-of-control trait, offer versatile use,
improved cooperation and synergy between vessels and other units along with quick response to fast evolving
Launched from single or multi-canister launchers, and easily integrated to existing Naval C2 and target-acquisition
systems, HERO systems bring highly-affordable solutions to the growing challenges of the complex Naval arena.


In the Air
Enhanced Lethality and Higher Survivability
The HERO Lethal Loitering Munitions can be launched
from a wide choice of aerial platforms.
The systems are seamlessly integrated into the air-vehicle
avionics suite - hence allowing the aircrew to simply
operate the munition using the standard controls. The
flight and guidance of the HERO munitions is done from
the platform, and can also be transferred to fighting
forces on the ground. This dramatically enhances the
lethality and operational range of the air-platform, and
its ability to counter low-signature time-sensitive targets,
allowing it much greater ability to support the ground (or
Naval) forces.
The Loitering Munitions ability to operate at lower
altitudes, many times lower than the clouds, increases
the operational flexibility of the air-platform, especially in
near-terrain-flying altitude airspace. While operating the
HERO systems, the aerial platform can stay in a stand-off
position, significantly lowering its exposure to possible
threats, and allowing it to penetrate and neutralize many
advanced air defenses.
All HERO Systems are designed to operate in challenging
battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environment
and communication interferences. This makes them
highly suitable for the modern battlefield.

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