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18 May 2023

FONET Digital Communication Platform

WB Group Hall: Hall 4 Stand: H4-438

Comprising a single scalable, modular and platform-agnostic solution, FONET hardware allows end users to select the most appropriate mission-relevant C4I configurations for tactical ground vehicles.

Digital communication platform FONET hardware, when integrated on board a tactical ground vehicle,  provides end users with the ability to operate a variety of mission capabilities to enhance connectivity and situation awareness; provide accessibility to lethal and non-lethal effectors; and reduce decision-making and targeting cycles at the lowest tactical level.

This aggregation of C4ISTAR systems from across the battlespace not only enhances the operational effectiveness of small unit teams but also provides redundancy levels in data pathways particular relevant to missions conducted in Command and Control Disrupted or Denied environments (C2D2Es) similar to those currently being witnessed in eastern Europe.
Specifically designed to support the generation and management of a Collaborative Operating Picture (COP), FONET enables ground forces to operate C4ISTAR configurations across any platform agnostic tactical ground vehicle employed on the battlefield.

Digital communication platform FONET has the ability to integrate C4ISTAR, battle management, fire control systems and other specialist applications into a single end user interface.

Networking together the multiple electronic components of a tactical ground vehicle, Digital communication platform FONET hardware can be used to support both inter- and intra-team voice and data communications while also providing additional reach back to tactical operations centers and headquarters further afield.

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