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Cyber Exercises and Drills: Resilience, Enhanced

CYBER RANGES Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-472

With a Cyber Drill your organization can test its cyber capacity, capability and resilience by measuring its ability to detect, respond to and stand against security
incidents of all types, minimizing any related impact.

Cyber Drill Simulations are delivered through different experiential scenarios that run in a secure environment that replicates, to a chosen degree of fidelity, the live or desired
infrastructure of your organization.

A scenario is a self-contained piece of interactive content, which combines a storyline, a virtual infrastructure and applications, competency objectives, user activity, tasks to perform
and challenges to deal with, ancillary contextual information assets, and much more. Scenarios may engage single or many users, be time-constrained and mapped against a number of criteria, such as competencies and performance indicators.

Since 2017 CYBER RANGES has been supporting the delivery of all the Regional Cyber Drills organized by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with national regulatory authorities all over the world.

These Cyber Drills have engaged hundreds even thousands of delegates from national CERTs/CSIRTs, critical infrastructure operators, financial and telecom institutions.

The 6 scenario-based Exercises of the ITU 2020 Global Cyber Drill, engaging over 210 participants from 57 countries, have been on the CYBER RANGES platform.

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