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24 May 2023

Battle Tank and Armoured Vehicle Battery

HBL Power Systems Hall: Hall 6 Stand: H6-200

Battle Tank and Armoured Vehicle Battery (BR-100):

Battle Ready batteries employ Pure Lead-Tin, Thin plate technology for high performance. These Valve Regulated Lead Acid, maintenance free batteries are designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators.

  • BR100 conforms to BAT 264 and DIN VG 96924 Part 2 and 9 (100 Ah/5hr/9V/20OC)
  • Battery rating is 120Ah/20hr/10.5V/25°C and NATO Stock # 6140-41-000-1992
  • HBL’s BR140 conforms to the Russian GOST Specification # TY16-529-357-78 (140Ah/20hr/10.5V/25oC).

Applications (Nickel Cadmium Batteries)

  • Battle Ready Tanks
  • Armoured Vehicle Battery
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