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DSEI Connect FAQs


DSEI Connect FAQs

What is DSEI Connect?

DSEI Connect is a secure digital platform which will enable those who are attending the live event, as well as those who cannot, to fully participate in DSEI 2021. Presentations from the showfloor will be live-streamed and available on demand; participants can connect and network; meetings can be arranged in person or virtually (via video) using MeetMe.  It aims to connect the DSEI community, wherever they are, to build relationships, share knowledge and do business.

Who else will be on DSEI Connect? Can I trust it?

You can only gain access to DSEI Connect if you have registered for DSEI 2021 and have been verified and accepted by the DSEI security team. This means that you can be confident everyone on the digital platform has been thoroughly vetted.

No changes to your profile within DSEI Connect can be changed in the platform, any changes will be made back at the DSEI registration site where your edits will be verified by our security team.

When will DSEI Connect go-live?

Open for a total of seven weeks, the digital platform will go live 4 weeks before the live event and remain open for meetings until 2 weeks afterwards. On-demand content and exhibitor listings will be available for a further 3 months.

How do I get access to DSEI Connect?

You will need to register for the DSEI 2021 event to gain access to the platform. You can register here. When the DSEI Connect platform is live (4 weeks before the event) you will be sent an activation code to gain access to the digital platform.

Will my data/profile be shared?

The information that you provide to us is held securely and is never shared with others unless you give your express consent to do so. Your contact details are NOT shown on the platform and any messages to or from you will be via the secure platform.

Can I connect and network with other participants?

You can send invitations to connect to all other participants except Military buyers, although they can ask to connect with you. Your invitation is sent via the secure platform, and when they accept your invitation, you can start a conversation. The platform’s matching technology will even suggest people you may wish to connect with, based on the profile and interest information that you provide.

How does MeetMe work?

Meet Me participants can use the feature to arrange meetings, either in person at the live event, or virtually via video link. However Military buyers cannot be contacted by other attendees – they must initiate meeting requests themselves.

Can I block/stop people from messaging me?

You can choose to un-connect with someone at anytime.

Can I hide my profile?

Your name, job title and organisation will be shown on the DSEI Connect platform. Participants cannot message you or request meetings until you have accepted their connection request. You can also reject their connection request.

Will I have access to MeetMe?

All buyers, military, VIPs and exhibitors receive free access to MeetMe. Industry suppliers must purchase a package inclusive of MeetMe. Meetings can be organised at any time from when DSEI Connect is live. Meetings can be held virtually or onsite at DSEI.

Can I submit questions to speakers?

Those watching live streamed presentations will be able to submit questions via the Q&A function except for presentations by our military keynote speakers.

Can I have access to all the content/presentations?

Yes, the exception being that Product Demos are restricted to buyers only and Round Tables will not be shared.

How does DSEI Connect work with my exhibitor profile on the DSEI website?

The information that you provide on your organisation on the DSEI website (via the EZONE) will be replicated on DSEI Connect, so you only need to provide the information once. However, you will need to link the profiles of your company representatives to your company profile within the DSEI Connect platform.

How can I take part in events such as roundtables?

When you activate your profile on DSEI Connect you can indicate whether you would like to participate in round table discussions on a range of subjects. However, attendance of round tables is by invitation only, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive an invitation.

How do I get my organisations’ products and/or content featured on DSEI Connect?

There are many ways in which you can get your brand and products in front of buyers and specifiers. Packages available to purchase include products demos, roundtables, leadership sessions, video listings, product pitches and video adverts. Contact the team to find out more.

I haven't found the answer to my question. Who can help me?

Please email us at enquires@dsei.co.uk

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