DSEI Connect Compliance

DSEI Connect Compliance


The promotion of items classed as Category A under the UK Export Control Order 2008 is prohibited on all Clarion Defence & Security platforms.

This restriction applies to all forms of promotion, including the distribution of brochures or other promotional material from your page or profile which features images or details of any Category A goods, even if your company does not intend to market these goods on the platform.

Category A goods include:

  • Goods banned by the EU because of evidence of their use in torture.
  • Restraints specially designed for restraining human beings - leg-irons, gang chains, shackles and individual cuffs or shackle bracelets except those that are ‘ordinary handcuffs.
  • Portable devices designed or modified for the purpose of riot control or self-protection by the administration of an electric shock - such as electric-shock batons, electric-shock shields, stun-guns, and electric-shock dart-guns - components specially designed or modified for the aforementioned.
  • Handheld spiked batons
  • Cluster munitions, explosive sub-munitions
  • Explosive bomblets specifically designed to be dispersed or released from dispensers affixed to aircraft.
  •  Components specially designed for “cluster munitions”, “explosive submunitions” or “explosive bomblets”.
  • Land mines, anti-personnel mines, and anti-material cartridges (Land mines act 1998)

Note: Services in respect of the list of prohibited equipment are also prohibited.

If you are caught promoting Category A goods without a relevant and valid Standard Individual Trade Control Licence (SITCL), which must be obtained from the Export Control Joint Unit by the exhibitor or agent, your content will be removed from the platform. UK companies or UK nationals involved in such activity may also face enforcement action from the relevant UK authorities.

For more information on the latest UK legislation, follow the links below:

Notes: The display of images and/or videos from conflict areas and featuring combat footage is strictly prohibited.


1. Compliance checks will take place before any content is uploaded to DSEI connect, to ensure that equipment, services, documentation and all other forms of visual promotion and display exhibited comply with the above-mentioned undertakings.

2. Exhibitors promoting or displaying prohibited items, either overtly or covertly on the DSEI Connect platform will be in breach of their contract with the Organisers and will forfeit their right to exhibit on the DSEI Connect platform. The Organisers will take appropriate action which may involve the removal of content, documentation and/or visual promotional material from the platform. The pages may be deactivated immediately, and the exhibitor will have no claim for redress against the Organisers, nor any refund for loss of fees.

3. The Organisers reserve the right to make the final decision concerning the eligibility of exhibits and matters of compliance.



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