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The politics and diplomacy of EOD, mineaction and victim assistance

13 Sep 2023
DSEI Connect Studio

The global call for a ‘mine-free world’ is sadly just a pipe dream.

With conflicts from Ukraine to Sudan and the Yemen, explosive weapons are being deployed at a rate far exceeding that of clearing them.

For many governments EOD and mine-action are seen as a priority in peace building and development, as well a humanitarian factor.

Donor countries give millions every year to the UN, to mine-clearance NGOs and to individual affected countries.

This funding is a powerful diplomatic tool.

Nigel Ellway will explore how the clearance of explosive weapons and the long term support for the victims can help build strong political links, deliver many of the sustainable development goals and act as a catalyst for social and economic growth in post conflict countries.

Nigel will also discuss the research undertaken in Ukraine by the REVIVE campaign into the psychological impact of explosive weapons.

Nigel Ellway, Head of Secretariat All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Threats and Director - REVIVE Campaign

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