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US Marine Corps Future Force 30 Capabilities

13 Sep 2023
DSEI Connect Studio
Training & Talent Management

Brigadier General Walsh of the US Marine Corps and Brigadier Mark Totten of the Royal Navy come together to discuss Force Design 2030 and Commando Force development. This conversation will discuss vital alliances, whilst uncovering national perspectives, enriched with lessons learned from each framework, and how it relates to Indo-Pacific scenarios.

UK development tackles challenges head-on, paving the way to unparalleled capabilities and operational excellence for the Marines as well as the Commando Force. USMC Force Design 2030 turns the notion of modernizing the force into a reality, championing adaptability and experimentation whilst preparing for the fight not taught in classrooms.

Commodore Andrew Ashfield-Smith, Strategy Head, Directorate of Defence (DDC) - Ministry of Defence
Brigadier Mark Totten OBE, Senior Responsible Officer for Commando Force Programme - Royal Navy
Brigadier General David Walsh, Commander - US Marine Corps Systems Command

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