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Erika Kuročkina, Vice Minister of Economy and Innovation, The Republic of Lithuania

13 Sep 2023
Strategic Command & Keynote Forum

Key Drivers of Defence Innovation and the Technological Advantage in the Modern War. Will it be the Guarantee for Victory?

In today's era of intense global competition, technological innovation stands as the linchpin of strategic advantage. The traditional approach to defense remains relevant, emphasizing the need for stockpiling and robust hard drive capabilities. While unmanned technologies promise to shape the future, their full realization is not imminent, making ammunition a key asset in the present. Technology is transforming the battlefield, offering enhanced observability and data exchange opportunities. The agility of modern armies is bolstered by investments in software, facilitating rapid, flexible, and competence-focused adaptations to emerging challenges. The evolving nature of warfare extends beyond conventional boundaries. Civilians have become active participants in conflicts. Lastly, the defense and war industries face sustainability challenges. Environmental pressures are reshaping the defense sector, highlighting the imperative of sustainability in modern warfare and defense practices.

General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE, Co-Chair - Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS)

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