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Data Analysis

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Data Analysis
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    Bold Analytics

    Bold logoA team of Data Science professionals and elite Intelligence experts reinforced by the support of one of the largest reputable holding companies in Israel with diverse and international large-scale businesses. Our mission is To empower national security and commercial organizations to make confident decisions about people and entities with Deep Adaptive Intelligence, that automagically highlights the most significant and subtle signs of risk and opportunity previously undetected by man or machine.

    Bold’s Deep Adaptive Intelligence AI is trained to continuously unveil the invisible signs of risks as they evolve, automagically adapting to new data as it is created by people and organizations.

    • Maestro- Deep Adaptive analytics Solution
    • Condor- Crypto Currency investigation


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    Dataminr LogoFirst Alert, Dataminr’s product for the public sector, provides the earliest indication of breaking news, enabling the fastest response to critical events. First Alert uses artificial intelligence to detect high-impact events from within 800,000+ publicly available information sources and delivers real-time, breaking news alerts to organisations around the globe.

    Dataminr is at the forefront of AI research and innovation, and is pioneering multi-modal fusion AI. Our AI platform processes and cross-correlates signals across an expanding variety of data types and formats, including text, images, video, sound and streaming machine-generated sensor data that help provide richer context about breaking news events that often is not available elsewhere.

    • Data Analysis
    • Data Analysis
    Fenix Insight

    Fenix logoFenix Insight analyses millions of open-source online resources through the power of AI and Machine Learning.

    Designed specifically to meet the needs of defence professionals who operate within conflict zones, Fenix Insight provides a clear and concise picture of munition use worldwide, displays risk heat maps, event markers, conflict timelines and other valuable features that succinctly and reliably present real-world and accurately analysed data.

    To ensure credibility and accuracy, we subject our data to a thorough validation process by a panel of esteemed world-class technical analysts.

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    IMRSV Data Labs

    ANVIL LOGOIMRSV produces ANVIL, the enterprise data platform that integrates state-of-the-art collection, analysis, and production products across your entire organization.

    Data-rich organizations have fragmented data silos and isolated tools, making it challenging to achieve information-oriented outcomes. Their personnel are continuously context-switching and performing manual, cumbersome, repetitive workflows. This increases risk related to their missions, compliance, and organizational credibility.

    ANVIL centralizes all organizational data into a common, understandable format integrated with modern tools for all information operations. It uses open standards and frameworks that enable organizations to integrate existing capabilities and rapidly deploy new capabilities seamlessly. 

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    Intergraph (UK) Ltd Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division Hexagon

    Hexagon logoHexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division improves the resilience and sustainability of the world’s critical services and infrastructure. We support more than two dozen departments and ministries of national defence, delivering mapping and imagery intelligence capabilities and enabling real-time, high-performance applications for command and control, mission planning and more.

    At DSEI we are showing the ease and benefits of reality capture data in an immersive view for mission preparation, execution and review. Talk to us about digital realities, the digitalisation of defence workflows and assets and extracting information from data, to support decision makers.

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    Niaxo LogoNIAXO is a contemporary UK technical innovation company, developing bespoke solutions and technical engineering services which provide customised insights for clients in the data analysis, data governance and data science ecosystems.

    NIAXO was set up with the sole purpose to use innovation as a force for good, always challenging the status quo to deliver new solutions. Through digital business transformation NIAXO delivers solutions to enable ethical and governed data insight

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    Salidrone logoSaildrone is a US business that provides comprehensive turnkey data solutions for maritime security, ocean mapping, and ocean data, using advanced sensors and machine learning to deliver real-time actionable maritime intelligence to customers.

    Saildrone uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) are designed to make ocean intelligence cost-effective at scale. Powered primarily by renewable wind and solar power, giving them a minimal carbon footprint, Saildrone USVs operate 24/7/365 without the need for a crewed support vehicle and have sailed almost 1M nautical miles and spent over 25,000 days at sea collecting data from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

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    TechmodalTechmodal delivers rapid impact data-driven solutions, providing decision advantage for clients in Defence and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

    Combining expertise in data science & analytics with deep domain knowledge, we’ve built a reputation for getting things done and doing them well, making us a trusted partner for UK Defence.

    We offer solutions in:

    • Applied Data Science
    • Data Analytics
    • Application Development
    • Operational Insights
    • Data Strategy

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