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12 - 15 September 2023

Excel - London

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Future Operational Requirements

Future Operational Requirements

Day Two (Wednesday 15 September) addressed the future operational requirements of the various Forces and their partners. Working with our allies is central to the UK MoD’s future combat strategy, and you will hear from international service leaders about how development is being shared to fully leverage the unique experience of each partner nation, to create a battle-winning combat system that will protect us for the rest of the century, whilst securing a sustainable and world-leading Defence industry for the UK and its partners.

DSEI 2021 has worked in close partnership with a number of UK MoD Working Groups to develop this theme in accordance with the needs of the industry. There is a focus on the impact both multi-domain integration and the forecasted threat landscape will have on platform performance requirements, and what barriers must be overcome to achieve them.

Forum panels on Wednesday 15 September

The ever-changing threat landscape dictates future operational requirements – particularly around information superiority – which then impacts individual and joint force strategy. By outlining current plans for future projects, it is possible to assess what the key threats are forecast to be and the challenges they are likely to present, as well as the equipment development needed to meet these evolving requirements and control the future operating environment.

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Defence Leaders Webinar

Today’s threats are more numerous, more diverse ad more un-predictable than any other time in history. The future threat picture and trajectory of change within the land environment promises to present a unique set of challenges for deployed forces on the ground. These challenges will likely be characterised by the fight for information superiority in an increasingly connected and contested battle space.

The webinar examines the current threat picture, the capabilities of our strategic competitors and the direction of travel, with a view to using this information to shape Army modernisation and ensure our forces are suitably equipped to control the future land operating environment. The panel welcomes the following industry leaders:

  • Maj Gen Ben Kite OBE, Director Intelligence Interoperability, UK MoD
  • Iain Harrison, Director Strategic Engagement Land, QinitiQ
  • Samuel Cranny-Evans, Editor, Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Dr Rod Thornton, Senior Lecturer, Kings College London

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Space Hub Theatre

Satellites and space-based services are vital to modern life. They provide communications, imagery, precision targeting and friendly force tracking for the armed forces. As their importance continues to grow, there would be severe consequences from any disruption, whether by natural or man-made hazards, or intentional threats from hostile states.

This programme looks at the expanding UK space capability, how it will develop and how it will be secured.

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