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14 - 17 September 2021

Excel - London

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Information Exploitation


Information Exploitation

With an expansion of digital capabilities now forming the backbone of defence modernisation and an increased use of integrated, networked platforms, cyber security and information exploitation will continue to play an integral role in ensuring operational effectiveness.

The recognised importance of cyber in the Integrated Review has been demonstrated by the establishment of the new National Cyber Force, established to increase the UK’s ability to counter threats in cyberspace, both state-sponsored and criminal. There has also been a £305m investment in the cross-government National Cyber Security Programme which has solidified cyber’s role as being at the core of defence policy in the UK and abroad.

This comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, including the need for non-traditional skills and technology to be rapidly incorporated into legacy structures. The constantly evolving threat landscape, steep development curve, and the blurring boundaries between national and public defence, makes cyber security a uniquely dynamic sector.

Security Theatre

Cyber defence and security runs through all the seminar programmes at DSEI 2021, but has a particular home in the Security Theatre. Across the first three days of the show, the Security seminar takes a look at the key role cyber plays in integration and force multiplication. This includes:

  • Industry's role in delivering the Digital Backbone and unleashing the power of Defence's data
  • Using AI and Quantum Computing to Gain the Strategic Cyber Advantage
  • Developing Allied Cyber Resilience to Improve International Capabilities
  • Becoming a data-driven force in the digital age, integrated across all domains
  • Resourcing Cryptography and DevSecOps to Meet the New Defence Need

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Cyber Defence Leaders Webinar

DSEI 2021 launched its Defence Leaders webinar series with a panel discussion which outlined the strategic imperative for cyber defence in a fully networked force. Multi domain integration – the core theme of DSEI 2021 – will require greater collaboration between civil and military sectors. Within the cyber space brings with it a host of factors that require consideration, including network capability and a resiliency that must be based in Secure by Design principles. The panel discusses the challenges to achieving fully networked MDI, from internal standards to the external threat landscape. MDI will require greater collaboration between civil and military sectors to overcome this, and the panel considers what hurdles must be overcome to ensure an effective partnership.

The session features views from:

  • Christine Maxwell, Director Cyber Defence & Risk, Defence Digital, UK MoD
  • Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE, former Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Air Marshal Phil Osborn CBE FRAeS, Director, UDSS

Click here to watch the discussion

Future Tech Hub

The Future Tech Hub is an exciting addition to DSEI 2021 that showcases the latest developments in cyber and information technology. The new Hub will be a platform for those companies often associated with non-physical products and services, and non-traditional defence companies providing critical services to military forces.

Whether your interest is in cyber security, networks and communications, data analytics or IT infrastructure, the Future Tech Hub is the place to find the latest innovations available.

Visit the Future Tech Hub page for more details

Counter Terror Expo

DSEI 2021 is delighted to be co-located with Clarion Defence’s Counter Terror Expo, which focuses on the public defence aspects of counter terror operations. The CTX Seminar provides a forum to discuss insights from counter-terror leaders within both the public and private sectors, with particular focus on counter terrorism in cyberspace and information analysis.

DSEI visitors have free access to the CTX Seminar for the duration of the show.

Visit the CTX website for more details 

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