10-13 September 2019 | Excel London




Aerospace Seminar


  • Space situational awareness
  • C2 in space and implications of contested space superiority
  • Leveraging commercial progress and technologies
  • Offensive/Defensive counter space
  • Developments in space-enabled capabilities - ensuring continued superior support to the war fighter
  • Navigation Warfare - ensuring unimpeded information supremacy

Combat & Counter Air

  • Delivering air superiority in contested environments - suppression of near-peer enemy air defences
  • 4th and 5th generation interoperability: integration as an existing Force multiplier
  • Examining the progress of unmanned combat air vehicles
  • Future weapons systems: embracing disruptive technologies e.g. directed energy
  • Penetrating counter air and next generation strategic air dominance
  • MRO and supply chain logistics: maintaining combat readiness across the fleet


  • The future of ISTAR - manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T)
  • The impact of contested space superiority
  • Gaining information age dominance
  • Adapting C2 systems for highly contested EM environments
  • Fusing and utilising data from cloud-based ISR sources
  • Progress of AI in ISTAR
  • Advances in unmanned persistent reconnaissance platforms

Air Mobility / Strategic Lift

  • Supporting overseas operations in non-permissive environments
  • Lean mobility: improving speed and reducing resources
  • Air mobility at the strategic level
  • Developments in unmanned air refuelling
  • Air mobility in space
  • Full spectrum resilient networked logistics
  • Crisis management and post-crisis support
  • Civil/military airspace management in an uncertain world

Land Seminar

Soldier Systems & Dismounted Close Combat

  • Lethality: ISTAR, target acquisition and sharing, small arms, next generation calibre/ammunition, supporting arms
  • Survivability: Ballistic protection, camouflage, signature management, near peer capabilities
  • C4ISTAR: Mobile/secure comms, real time intelligence, UAS, electronic warfare
  • Managing the load and sustainment: weight, decision support, cognitive burden, AI, robotic autonomous systems, power, human factors, operating in adverse environments

Combat Vehicles

  • Survivability: Armour, active protection integration, signature management, stealth, near peer capabilities
  • Lethality: Future armament/anti-armour, countering APS, SHORAD/C-UAS
  • Future Systems: AI, UGV and robotic autonomous systems, manned-unmanned teaming
  • Enhancing Mobility: Reducing weight, power, deployability, systems support

Long Range Precision Fires and Ground Based Air Defence

  • Joint Fires Battlespace Integration: Target acquisition and prosecution, C2, deconfliction
  • Effects: Air/Ground, range extension, managing cost, precision and smart munitions
  • Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) requirements based on the future threat environment: Hypersonic, EW etc
  • Refining and Integrating GBAD Technology: C2 and real time threat intelligence sharing, directed energy, AI decision support, countering A2/AD
  • GBAD Training: Live, Virtual and Constructive


  • Fully Integrated ISTAR System: C2 interoperability and joint operations, open architectures, cyber, space domain, IMINT/FMV, single information environment
  • Agile Procurement and Development: Adhering to architecture, adaptability and systems integration
  • Protecting the Network: Network security, EW/jamming, signature management

Naval Seminar

Expeditionary & Amphibious Warfare

  • Carrier operations for amphibious assault capabilities
  • International amphibious capabilities
  • Power projection
  • Integrated joint force operations
  • HADR operations
  • Unmanned systems for amphibious support
  • Amphibious Arctic warfare

Surface Warfare

  • Future surface combatants
  • Unmanned surface vessels
  • Stealth and signature management
  • Arctic defence strategies
  • Maritime command and control: Big Data and AI
  • Maritime Cyberspace: Offensive and defensive operations
  • Naval electronic warfare
  • Air defence and future technology, e.g. directed energy
  • Multi-Mission surface vessels
  • Examining realistic fleet efficiency targets

Undersea Defence

  • Considerations for the future of undersea defence
  • Undersea weapons systems
  • Unmanned / Autonomous systems
  • Stealth and signature management
  • Underwater seabed sensors / Networks: the Internet of Underwater Things
  • Subsea command and control
  • Undersea weapons countermeasures: Platform survivability
  • Mine Counter-Measures (MCM) Operations
  • Cost effective mid-life upgrade programmes

Naval Air Power

  • Carrier Strike: A new era of UK maritime air power
  • F-35 integration and future fixed wing
  • Considerations for future rotary capability
  • The return of maritime patrols and ASW
  • Airborne early warning and control
  • Protecting platforms from surface and air threats
  • Inter-Service interoperability - Air power in joint operations

Future Operating Environment

  • Reintegrating Carrier Strike
  • Emerging Threats: Contested maritime sovereignty and superiority
  • Operating in contested networked battlespaces: Leveraging Big Data and AI
  • Information warfare and network-centric operations
  • Multi-Domain maritime battlespace - Platform integration
  • Protection of undersea infrastructure: Mitigating for the future
  • Leveraging disruptive technologies: Hypersonic and directed energy weapons
  • Countering Emerging Threats: Unmanned and swarm technologies

Security Seminar

Cyber Defence & Security

  • Implementing a national cyber security strategy
  • Offensive cyber capabilities – manipulate, deny, degrade, disrupt, destroy
  • Threat intelligence and information sharing
  • Exploiting open source intelligence (OSINT)
  • Data protection and information security
  • CNI and information assurance

Counter-Terrorism & Border Security

  • Counter radicalisation
  • Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR)
  • Intelligence, targeting and prosecution
  • Protective security
  • Unmanned critical infrastructure and border protection

Security in Complex Environments

  • Counter insurgency
  • Peacekeeping and internal security support
  • CBRNE threats
  • Urban warfare
  • Hybrid warfare and information operations

Joint Seminar


  • Closing the skills gaps
  • Future training requirements
  • Leveraging simulation and advanced techniques
  • Delivering high fidelity cost effective training
  • Retaining experience and guarding against skills fade
  • Approaches to effective recruitment
  • Force multipliers
  • Multinational training and support
  • NATO commitments to collective defence


  • Maintaining C2 dominance in the Information Age
  • Resilient communications
  • The combat cloud
  • Multi-domain battlespace
  • Protecting satellite communications
  • Swarm technology for ISR
  • GPS 3 - reach and impact
  • Commercial technologies
  • Covert radar

Cyber & Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA)

  • The current state of integrated Allied CEMA capabilities - pursuing a CEMA doctrine
  • Integrating CEMA activity across defence and security services
  • Command and Control in CEMA operations - agility, redundancy and resilience
  • Assessing worldwide CEMA capabilities incl. Information Warfare
  • Synchronising cyber and electromagnetic activities - Whole Force by design
  • Combining CEMA and conventional warfare
  • Coordinating joint operations in degraded EM environments - confronting new challenges
  • Leveraging defence industrial partners and COTS technologies to ensure supply chain effectiveness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Autonomy

  • The impact of AI on intelligence gathering
  • Machine learning and battlefield decision making
  • Lethal AI and autonomy
  • Ethical considerations of battlefield AI and autonomy
  • AI as an integrated Force multiplier
  • Utilising advancements in commercial technology 
  • Leveraging Big Data analytics for defence

  • DSEI is a landmark event presenting to the world the excellence of the UK defence and security businesses. We expect to welcome high level international delegations to take part in meetings with our strategic partners. For us in government it is hugely important, an important showcase, a stage for diplomacy, a platform for the international engagement.
    Harriett Baldwin MP, Former Minister for Defence Procurement
    UK MOD
  • I very much look forward to continuing my personal support to DSEI. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore the development of airpower capability, through engagement with the widest range of industry and international partners.
    Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB CBE DFC MA RAF Chief of the Air Staff
    Royal Air Force
  • I much look forward to DSEI. We intend to build on the very positive experience as we construct the partnerships we need to deal with the complexity of the future operating environment
    General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen Chief of the Defence Staff
    Ministry of Defence
  • Once again the Royal Navy is proud to be at the vanguard of DSEI 2019 and I look forward to what I know will be a hugely beneficial opportunity for us all to explore maritime warfare development with so many partners from industry and academia, and with our counterparts from overseas.
    Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB ADC, The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
    Royal Navy
  • DSEI is a highlight within the defence calendar, I use it to find out what the most recent developments are in every technological area affecting for defence. Without DSEI I fear this sort of interaction, information exchange and knowledge of developments across all domains would be lost. DSEI is an invaluable international biannual event .
    Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, Chairman, House of Commons Defence Select Committee
    UK Parliament
  • DSEI is a fantastic showcase for defence companies where international buyers, sellers, developers, thinkers, educators and the trainers can all get together. The UK defence industry is looking to recruit more engineers, scientists and developers into 200,000 jobs and up to 10,000 apprentices within UK defence companies. DSEI is an excellent tool to highlight the challenges the industry face as well as showcase its capabilities domestically and overseas.
    James Gray MP, House of Commons Defence Committee
    UK Parliament

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