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Using data to help integrate across an enterprise and between nations

13 Sep 2023
Aerospace Forum
Technology Innovation

Data is crucial for enabling better integration, which in turn leads to improved decision-making and organisational  resilience. But why is this so important right now? What impact will data have on FCAS / GCAP? Problems and obstacles are sitting across the boundaries between enterprises and, internationally, between nations, so to tackle these we must have data capable of bringing clarity to this level of challenge.


Making the data available is only the beginning. Then it is about understanding what data is needed to solve problems, and using that data intelligently to make informed decisions; how to bring in the right analytical techniques be it machine learning, simulation or AI to assist with these challenges; and how to bring unstructured data into a ‘single source of truth’ in a quick and secure way.

Mark Hatton, Partner and Head of Aerospace - Newton Europe
Air Vice-Marshal David Arthurton OBE, Director Military Digitisation - Defence Digital
Sophie Hackford, AI Futurist - Consultant
Dr. Kameswarie Nunna, Data Science Business Manager - Newton Europe
Kate Robertson, Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Director of Enterprise Enablement - BAE Systems

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Newton Europe

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