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Strategic Command Breakfast Briefings

14 Sep 2023
Strategic Command & Keynote Forum
Achieving an Integrated Force

0945-1015: Global Strategic Trends

Commodore Pete Olive, Head of the Futures team at UKStratCom’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre will talk about their work on Global Strategic Trends, a critical document that informs MOD and HMG strategy development and is known worldwide. He will also talk about the emerging trends and likely scenarios that will feature in the next edition to be published in 2024.

SPEAKER: Commodore Pete Olive, Head of Futures, UK Strategic Command

1015-1045: Sub Threshold Operations

The Power of Combinations – Cyber, SOF and Intelligence. How we can sharpen defences edge, create asymmetric advantage and further our strategic ambition by investing in these areas. This will give us increased opportunity to influence our allies and deter our adversaries.

SPEAKER: Major General James Roddis, Director Strategy, UK Strategic Command

Commodore Pete Olive OBE, Head of Futures, Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre - Strategic Command
Major General James Roddis DSO MBE, Director Strategy - Strategic Command
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