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How transatlantic co-operation in space can help develop UK sovereign capabilities

12 Sep 2023
Space Hub Forum
Technology Innovation

Collaboration between the UK and the US in space goes back decades, particularly in areas like space surveillance and missile warning. It was enhanced recently by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S Space Command and the UK Space Command, deepening military co-operation between the two nations in the space domain, increasing the exchange of information and harmonising military space requirements. 

This session will look at how this partnership can help the UK space sector grow and learn from the US, with examples from across the Raytheon Technologies business.

Juliana Suess, Research Analyst and Policy Lead for Space Security - RUSI
James Gray, Managing Director - Cyber, Space and Training - Raytheon UK
Mack Koepke, Vice President of Sales - Capella Space
Natalie Moore, Head of Space Policy - UK Ministry of Defence

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