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Secure and interoperable by design: the value of integrated and collaborative cyber infrastructures

14 Sep 2023
Strategic Command & Keynote Forum
Developing the CyEM domain

This cyber transformation session shares the challenges in the West’s approach to cyber security, which is akin to a pick ‘n’ mix store, where lots of piecemeal capabilities are procured in an attempt to avoid single point of failure and potential vendor lock-in. Considering how this approach is hindering the effectiveness of cyber security organisation and making data and CNI more siloed due to different capabilities and a lack of interoperability, the panel will share:

  • The immense value in procuring integrated and intelligent infrastructures for delivering cyber security capabilities,
  • How to ensure cyber security capabilities are secure by design, collaborative and interoperable with other processes and technologies,
  • The value in removing the pick ‘n’ mix approach to deliver cyber transformation for the UK and its allies and expanding feedback loops.
Jeremy Poulter, Business Develop Director - Palantir
Captain (RN) Adam Clarke MBE, Deputy Head Cyber Joint User - Defence Intelligence
Ms Christine Maxwell, Director, Cyber Defence and Risk - Defence Digital
Omid Raghimi, Senior Adviser, Cyber - Palantir
Captain Raul Riiel, TACCIS Chief - Cyber Command (CYBCOM), Estonian Defence Forces

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