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What opportunities and challenges do dual use capabilities stimulate for the military, commercial and civil sectors?

12 Sep 2023
Space Hub Forum
Technology Innovation

Space and access to space based capabilities has never been easier, but with constrained budgets and an increasingly congested environment the opportunities presented by the use of dual-use capabilities for the military, commercial and civil sectors are compelling. However, the challenges presented by dual-use can be a direct opposite to the opportunities and therefore, present additional complications for security, priorities and for ensuring missions are not compromised. This session will look at the challenges and opportunities from civil, commercial and military perspectives and how the maximum benefit can be realised while also being reconciled with a domain with expanding threats and a lack of norms.

Group Captain Andy Hindley, Director Joint Force Space Component - UK Space Command
Julia Balm, PhD candidate Freeman Air and Space Institute (FASI) - King's College London
Andy Challen, UK Missions Sales Lead - ICEYE
Dr. Matthew Broadhead MPhys, Chief Consultant - Space System, Cyber & Information Systems Division - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Group Captain Dave Keighley, Assistant Head for Strategy and Operations - UK MOD Space Policy Team

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UK Space Command

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