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Modern Cloud for the Modern Battlefield

13 Sep 2023
Aerospace Forum
Technology Innovation

The expanding spectrum of conflict requires flexibility, adaptability, and most importantly, survivability. Emerging warfare concepts such as JADC2 are placing a renewed emphasis on distributed command and control with a focus on rapidly connecting sensors to shooters and creating all-domain decision advantage. This data-centric paradigm requires fast connectivity and advanced data tools accessible at any time and any place around the world. Defense forces have always needed flexibility and speed, but to achieve information dominance and decision advantage in the current global security environment and meet tomorrow’s challenges, warfighters and mission partners need distributed, small-footprint, scalable, resilient cloud capabilities. 


In this panel, we will discuss advances in distributed cloud computing architecture to support future warfare and the data needs of defense services, allies, and partners across all domains and in contested environments.


Oracle leads the way with a cloud built for next-generation command and control, advanced AI/ML capabilities, security, scale, interoperability, and resilience. Oracle supports missions across the defense enterprise, from headquarters to the tactical edge.

Ezra Cohen, Strategic Initiatives - Oracle
Brigadier Stefan Crossfield, Head Information Exploitation, Chief Data Officer and Principal AI Officer - British Army
Dave France, Director Delivery, Core Information Services at Defence Digital - Strategic Command
Naomi Roberts, Director Strategy and Enterprise, Defence Intelligence - UK Ministry of Defence
Rand Waldron, Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure’s Global Government Sector - Oracle

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