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Meeting global commitments to climate change whilst exploiting opportunities to further our operational advantage

14 Sep 2023
Aerospace Forum
Sustainability & Climate Change

We must address two critical aspects that will shape the future of our planet and our nation: meeting global commitments to combat climate change and exploring opportunities to advance our military advantage. As we stand at this crucial juncture, it is imperative that we confront these challenges with unwavering resolve and innovative thinking.

However, as we address climate change, we must also recognize the need to protect and enhance our national security. The global landscape is evolving, and we face diverse and complex security challenges. Embracing innovation and harnessing technological advancements are critical in maintaining our military advantage to safeguard our nation and allies. While seeking peace and stability is paramount, we must also be prepared to defend our interests and counter threats to our security.

Surprisingly, there exists an overlap between our pursuit of global climate commitments and the advancement of military capabilities. Investing in clean energy technologies, for instance, not only helps us reduce carbon emissions but also strengthens our energy security, making our military operations more agile and resilient. Furthermore, leveraging cutting-edge research and development to address climate change can foster breakthroughs in areas such as communications, logistics, and cyber warfare, ultimately bolstering our military effectiveness.

Collaboration is key to addressing these twin challenges. Governments, military, academia, science and engineering must work hand in hand to drive research and innovation that promotes climate resilience in our military advancement. By sharing knowledge and resources, we can achieve greater efficiency and efficacy in our efforts, setting an example for a world that faces common threats and aspirations.

We must embrace the duality of our mission - meeting global commitments to combat climate change while exploiting opportunities to further the military advantage. We have the power to shape a more sustainable future for all, while also safeguarding our nations from emerging security challenges.

Mr Steve Gillard, Co-Chair of the Climate Change and Sustainability Working Group - Defence Suppliers Forum
Air Commodore Angela Baker, Head Support Futures and Operational Energy Authority - Strategic Command
Mrs Cathy Davis CEng, Technology & Innovation Sustainability Director - BAE Systems
Ms Linda Knutsen, Division Head - Exploration - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Air Vice-Marshal Paul Lloyd CBE MSc MA MDA BEng CEng FIMechE, Chief Engineer, Director Support - Royal Air Force
Lucia Retter, Director of the Centre for Defence Economics and Acquisition - RAND

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