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Enabling the Integrated Operating Concept: leveraging technologies, connectivity and access to data

14 Sep 2023
Land Forum
Technology Innovation

The Integrated Operating Concept calls into question the traditional approach that structured the armed forces to warfight and adapted them for all other missions. We now need to structure forces to operate that can be adapted at graduated readiness to warfight while retaining some forces, including the Reserve, that are optimised to warfight. Distinguishing in this way between operating and warfighting represents a fundamental shift in military philosophy. It requires us to think very differently about the employment of the military instrument as a more active approach to deterrence; and it establishes the doctrine needed to compete decisively with our adversaries who do not distinguish between peace and war.’ (MOD Integrated Operating Concept dated August 2021). This panel will discuss how connectivity and data technology can enable the integrated force to compete and win anywhere across the new operational spectrum.

Mr Chris Edwards, Managing Director - Thales
General (Retd.) Bernard Barrera, Defense adviser - Thales
Jon Cole CB OBE, Defence Director - BT
Owen Sudlow, Strategy Director for Mission Systems and Marine - Babcock

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